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Travel Photos

Prompt #25: Show us your photos!

How: Respond to the prompt – through a blog post, picture, video, drawing, tweet, comment at the bottom of this article – however you want to express yourself. Then tweet and link your response @BootsnAll with the hashtag #indie30
Week 4 theme: Looking for adventure
Details: See below

There is one guiding question/prompt each day, followed by a series of questions, ideas, and comments meant to help you dig deeper. These aren’t meant to be answered directly, just to help (feel free to address any, all, or none of the guiding questions below).

Show us your photos!

  • Pretty much everyone photographs when traveling. Whether its with your phone, a fancy camera, or film (does anyone still travel with film?), almost everyone has photos from their trips. We want to see them!
  • Here are a few ideas (feel free to share one, two, three, or all of these with us:
    • A favorite photo
    • Your best (or worst, or funniest) selfie photo
    • A photo from out an airplane window (because we all do them, let’s show them off)
    • A food-porn photo(whether it was delicious, disgusting, or just pretty to look at)
    • A funny photo, or photo of a funny thing you saw (show us what you find comical!)
    • Tell us a little about each photo, where it is, what it is, or how you felt at the time. 50-100 words is fine (but feel free to do more!). We just want to see them!

Tools and inspiration: Each day we’ll add a few links having to do with that day’s topic. If you’re experiencing a creativity block, maybe these can give you a few ideas:

Week 4: Looking For Adventure

Each week will have a different theme, and this week is for random, fun questions that encourage you to get creative in answering.

How to participate

We’re inviting anyone from around the world who has a passion for long-term travel to participate in our month-long art project. You can respond to each day’s prompt however you see fit – through a blog post, a photograph, a video, a painting, a tweet, a Facebook or G+ comment, commenting below – it’s completely up to you! We’ll share our favorites each day on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. At the end of each week we’ll round up our favorite responses and write a blog post linking to each. Each Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 EST during April we’ll meld #RTWChat with #indie30. We invite anyone interested to join us to chat about that week’s topic.

It’s never too late to start – find out the nitty gritty details here!

30 Days of Indie Travel project

Photo credits: runran