Author: Dani Blanchette

On The Road Again

Welcome back.  This second week  for the 30 Days of Indie Travel Art Project, we moved away from asking questions about you, to asking you to tell us stories from your travels.  Starting with:

Day 8: What is the worst experience you’ve ever had?

(What?  Oh Marji, PLEASE elaborate!)

Day 9: What is your best travel experience?

We heard some really nice stories for this one.

  • Lois Middleton tweeted us this very optimistic outlook on the subject:

It may not sound like a “best experience” but really, if this happened to you, would you get upset, or just start laughing at the calamity of it all?  We’d go for option two too.

Day 10:  What is the strangest food you have eaten while traveling?

We loved this, because we knew it would bring in some funny responses.  And since we are from all over the world, somethings that may be strange to one of us, may be totally normal to another.

We also had a couple tweets of some strange foods like these:  

Day 11: Tell us about a time you did something, something you knew you probably shouldn’t do, while traveling.

Some of you blatantly (and perhaps, smartly) refused to answer this question.  But others told us about a things they have done that fall under a variety of legal-ness.

  •  @withoutalicense’s posts, “Internationally Renowned Donut Thief” (although we may be taking this line out of context for our own amusement)
  • and @womenontheroad gave us this tip:

(We’d agree that is something you SHOULD NOT do when traveling!)
After asking you to admit your bad behavior, we decided to ask you about some good actions and asked:

Day 12: Have you ever been helped by, or helped, a total stranger when traveling?

Day 13: If you could wake up tomorrow knowing any one language (one you don’t already know), what would it be and why?

We knew this would be a fun one, and it seems Spanish is the strong front-runner.

Day 14: Write us a poem about a travel experience.”

We asked you to do some creative things this week and answer some hard (ok, juicy) questions.  We love all the responses and can’t wait to read all the ones for week 3!

It’s never too late to join, so check out all prompts and how you can participate in our month-long community art project!

Photo credits: Problemkind