Author: Dani Blanchette

Roam If You Want To

During Week 3 of the 30 days of Indie Travel Art Project, we wanted to know more about what places around the world you want to visit, and what get’s you in the mood to roam.

Day 15: If you could pick any country in Asia to go to, which one would you pick and why?

Asia is huge, so how do you pick one country? (Hint, most of you didn’t, and we are right there with you on the indecisiveness!)


Day 16: What city in Europe would you like to visit the most?

    • @Esther_WLW tweeted us this:


Day 17: Roadside attractions, national parks, or big cities? What’s your favorite part of traveling in the USA?


Day 18: What one thing, when you see photos of it, make you just want to just pack your bags and go?

It seems everyone is inspired by different things, and we love reading all about them!

    • @furnessmk starts us of with this imagination-inspiring, and relaxing, tweet:
    • @surbhiarora330 loves treehouses:


Day 19: Have you ever been to South America? What stands out?


Day 20: What part of Africa interests you the most?

We had some really diverse posts this day about what makes Africa interesting to people.

    • @nonbillable_hrs, who is in Swaziland right now, tweeted us this:


Day 21: Where do you most want to go in 2014?

It looks like people are traveling a lot this year!  So where is everyone heading?

  • and @anddontblink is about to move 800 miles to Maine!  (I’ve done crazy moves like that a few times and love them.  I think the actual moving part is the best part!)

So that’s it for week 3.   Keep up with all the daily prompts on our Facebook, Twitter, and the project page to see what we ask for during the final week – “Looking for adventure!”