Author: Pamela MacNaughtan

Inspiration to Get You On the Road

When someone starts planning a long-term trip, usually one of the first things they do is look at photos to inspire them. In 2014, there is no better place than Instagram to be inspired by travel photography.

The truth is there can be lots of crap to sift through on Instagram. And if you’re tired of being inundated with bad selfies, cats, and brown sloppy food, there are several great instgrammers who are posting mouth-watering food shots and destination photos that will make you want to ditch your life and buy an airline ticket.

While we could write an entire article on the debate over posting mobile photography vs DSLR photography, when it comes to travel inspiration, the debate is non-existent. Who cares which camera was used! We just want photos that are well composed, creative, and awe-inspiring!

Whether they are locals, expats, or long-term travelers, these 30 instagrammers are sure to make your feet itchy for adventure.

Joerg N (@jn) is from Berlin and shares photos taken mostly around Europe. There is a reason why Joerg is one of the more popular instagrammers, his photos not only tell a story, but they are simply stunning.

born to be wild. Palermo

A photo posted by joerg n (@jn) on

Martina (@kitkat_ch) is a Scientific Illustrator from Switzerland, and she has a ’67 Fiat500 which makes occasional appearances in her feed. We want to marry her.

It’s a beautiful day!

A photo posted by Martina (@kitkat_ch) on

Griffin Lamb ( @griffinlamb ) is a photographer from Seattle, WA. Griffin’s mountain-scapes are muted beauty that makes us want to grab a backpack and go for a hike. Simply stunning.




  A moment that I will never forget. #explorealberta   View on Instagram

E. Digernes (@e.digernes) is a traveler and photographer from Bergen, Norway. And we are pretty sure he put the ‘porn’ in ‘natureporn’. Seriously, go drool over this guy’s instagram feed. NOW!

Yellow Stone is amazing!

A photo posted by B E R G E N • N O R W A Y (@e.digernes) on

Alex Spatari @spatari) is a traveler who shares captivating photos from around the world. We especially love his architecture shots.

  A photo posted by Alex Spatari (@spatari) on

Kym Pham (@kympham) is a traveler and photographer who is in the midst of traveling to EVERY COUNTRY in the world. A hefty goal, and based on her photos we are sure many of you will also want to travel to every country in the world.

Quiet mornings in Paris.

A photo posted by Kym Pham (@kympham) on

Daniel Taipale (@dansmoe) is a globetrotter from Finland. We kind of love the hipster-ish feel of his photos.

  Gone camping. #visitfinland @ourfinland   A photo posted by Daniel Taipale (@dansmoe) on

Ken Kaminesky (@kenkaminesky) is a travel photographer from Montréal, Canada. Ken’s landscape and architecture photos are simply stunning, and we are sure you will love him as much as we do!


The iconic Tower Bridge in London. I was happy to get a nice sky on the one evening I was able to to get out to shoot this summer.

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Hazem Aljarallah (@bu_khaled) is a talented photographer sharing photos snapped around the world that are well composed, colourful, and inspiring. We adore his photographic eye.

  #Shanghai / #China ..   A photo posted by Hazem Aljarallah (@bu_khaled) on

Lauren Bath ( @laurenepbath ) is a travel photographer from Austrailia. We love Lauren’s photographic style – especially her landscape/nature photography. The best part about Lauren’s photographs is that they are not overprocessed. Thank-you, Lauren!


OMG!! I keep spelling it wrong – I was taking photos at LAKE TEKAPO! lol. This here is the famous stone church that I had to take a pic of this morning. To be honest I’ve been enjoying the roads far too much today, we must have pulled over half a dozen times! And I’ve seen my first glacier lake, arghhhh! @christchurchnz #canterburynz

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Esub Miah (@esubmiah) is a photographer from London who shares intriguing minimalist architecture photos that makes us want to explore big cities in a whole new way.

  The British Museum   A photo posted by Esub Miah, London, UK (@esubmiah) on

Matt McDonald (@63mph) has being ‘Exploring the West’ in a 1986 VW Vanagon since March 2013, and while we love him based on that fact along, we also love his photographic perspective, creativity, and dare we say, his cheekiness?


Scandinavian Shower

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Anna Clare Spelman (@annaclarespelman) is an American photographer who has spent the last few years traveling in Asia. What makes Anna unique among instagrammers is a project she is working on to document the everyday lives of the Jewish community around the world.



  a young member of the bene israel community stands outside magen hasisim synagogue, festively decked out for simchat torah, the holiday ending the high holiday season. it is celebrated with dance and song late into the evening–and it’s a big deal for bene israeli. #simchattorah #beneisrael #jews #jewishholiday #highholidays #synagogue #light #festival #mumbai #bombay #india #everydaymumbai #magenhasidim | mumbai, india | 16.october.2014 |   View on Instagram

Dirk Dallas (@dirka) not only sports a porn name (Sorry Dirk, but you know it is true), but his instagram feed is seriously impressive. We love his street style.

Francesco Innodenti (@framboisejam) travels, and takes breathtaking architecture photos as well as yummy food photos. And we are pretty sure he is Italian. In other words he is the perfect man. Well, one can hope.



  Fog descended upon us ☁️   View on Instagram

Ben Brown ( @mrbenbrown ) is a traveller, athlete, and vlogger. If you are an adventure-lover we are pretty sure you will love Ben’s instagram feed – prepare for an adrenaline rush!

Filming in the Bosphorus along side a huge oil tanker! Can’t believe this is my job…

A photo posted by Ben Brown (@mrbenbrown) on

Jodi Ettenburg (@legalnomads) is a former lawyer turned world traveller and avid foodie. We love the way Jodi shares photos of local foods, people, and culture.

Dean Mackay (@deanmackay) is an instagrammer from the Scottish Highlands (Yay! Who doesn’t love the Scots) and we are swooning over his spare landscape shots – especially those taken in Scotland.

A final photo from Skye, that ridiculous Neist Point lighthouse

A photo posted by Dean Mackay (@deanmackay) on

Nellie (@wildjunket) is a travel writer and blogger who has traveled to 90 countries, across 7 continents. Nellie’s recent trip along the Silk Road in Central Asia has use dying to follow in her footsteps.

Liz Carlson (@youngadventuress) is an American expat in New Zealand and travel blogger. We love Liz’ photographic eye as she captures the beauty of travelling around the world.


On the road around the Otago Peninsula with @peppermintkitchen – wild roads and wild trees, my favorite kind of road trip

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The Go Between Goat ( @thegobetweengoat ) is a female humanitarian aid worker and reportage photographer from the United States who is currently living in Afghanistan (Which is why her name is a secret). We love her photos as she gives a peek into the lives of locals in Afghanistan. And we secretly want to be her.



  Today the new President of Afghanistan is being sworn in; I watched it live as I prepared this post of a picture I took years ago, shortly after first arriving in country. For the sake of these children and the next generation of leaders I hope Ghani and Abdullah really work together. It’s a historic day, not to be overshadowed by the explosions this morning, the earthquake or the seemingly endless helicopters that have been circling the sky since early last night. I have big hopes for the President, and even bigger hopes for the new First Lady and her new office to help women. #president #afghanistan #kabul #inauguration #ghani #abdullah #asia #history   View on Instagram

Atle Rønningen ( @atler ) is a self-proclaimed explorer from Oslo, Norway, and we are loving his sweeping muted landscapes.

This is Vík, Iceland

A photo posted by Atle Rønningen (@atler) on

Sarah Duff ( @travellingduff ) is a travel writer and photographer from South Africa who is travelling the world for a year (We are betting she’ll extend). We love looking at Sarah’s instagram feed – especially when we are in desperate need of travel inspiration!



  One of my favourite sunsets at Burning Man: a yoga class in the dust in front of a hi-fi art car playing cool tunes and then a chance guest at two weddings in front of the beautiful Temple of Grace as dusk fell and the sky turned purple.   View on Instagram

Jun Kuwabara ( @juuuuuuuun ) is a traveler started travelling the world in April of this year, but he is not your ordinary world traveler and instagrammer, Oh no, Jun is a hairstylist and he has been giving FREE haircuts as he travels.


今日は5人カットした★そん時インドのTV にインタビューされたし(笑) i cut 5 people”s hair today. indian TV interviewed me when i cut hair also haha #世界一周 #旅 #旅人 #美容室 #美容師 #バックパッカー #ヘアー #ヘアサロン #スタイリスト #カメラ #写真 #一眼レフ #夢 #world #trip #travel #hairdresser #hairsalon #hairstylist #camera #photograph #backpacker #nepal #kathmandu #インド #india

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Globetrotter Girls (@globetrottergirls) have been travelling since 2010, and this year this team of travelers became a solo act. Drama aside we love her street art and landscape photos.

Quin (@everchanginghorizon) is a 25 year-old Suptertramp who posts incredible adventure landscape photos, so much so that we are heading out now to buy some adventure-like gear.

Mehmet Sert ( @sert_mehmet ) is a bit of a mystery man in that all we know is that he is from Istanbul, Turkey – which is fine because his photos are pure travelporn.

  Marmaris/Turkey   A photo posted by ! Mehmet Se®t (@sert_mehmet) on

Courtney Tight (@courtody) is a self-proclaimed ‘third culture kid’; calling New York City, Sydney, and Bangkok home. We love the thought she puts into her instagram feed, and we kind of have a little crush on her. Swoon.

Always a coat of fresh paint in the Graffiti Tunnel.

A photo posted by Courtney Tight (@courtody) on

@nowsunsetchasing is relatively new to instagram, but so we love what we see! Her focus? Exploring the many beaches and islands in the Philippines. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit!



  Matinloc Island. #Palawan #ElNido #Philippines #choosephilippines #itsmorefuninthephilippines #philippinetravel #travel #travelgram #instapassport #travelphilipines #traveltheworld #bucketlist #foreversummer #bestvacations #traveler #igers #igersworld #igersphilippines   View on Instagram

Hung Pham (@hungontheworld) is a travel hacker, light chaser, and world wanderer. Relatively new to instagram, Hung posts some fabulous landscapes.

Champagne pool at Wai-O-Tapu in Rotorua, New Zealand #iphoneography

A photo posted by Hung Pham (@hungontheworld) on

What type of travel photography inspires you to get out on the road? Comment below and share your favorite instragrammers!

Photo credits: Creative Travel Project