It’s OK to Travel with a Bathrobe #10: Dreams are just Dreams – St. Lucia

Dreams are just Dreams

Says who?
Have you ever asked yourself why we call “Dreams” what we’d love to be or do in the future? Because sometimes I think language can be more decisive in our lives than we realize. I trust that if we would call it something concrete like “Ideas” or “Projects” people would try unquestionably to achieve them, instead of seeing it as a stupid childish make-believe game.

The connotations of the word are so ethereal and far from reality as a fairy tale, it forms part of all the terms used to describe something that’s not true, disappears eventually and, if connected at all with reality, it’s just a great distortion of it, nothing serious, nothing to follow, nothing to direct your life according to…In conclusion: an illusion of the mind. By the way, “Illusion”, another one to help my case. They are such unknown pieces of our worlds, such an enigma that nothing we control should be compared to them.

So, I’d like somebody to explain to me why calling whatever we’d like to become a Dream or an Illusion. Why make it harder from the very beginning just by giving it those names? To make sure that we know they are just that, not possible in real life. It seems as if going for something a bit out of the marked way would be the task of the very brave and the very risky when, in fact, it should be the normal way, the natural way, the only way. Hundreds of years of philosophers and politicians fighting the idea of human predestination and freeing the individual to walk their own path and we end up tangled in words.


And what a warm welcome. If I’d had to choose how to spend my days as I came back to dry land it would have been like this. Arriving at a green island with turquoise warm waters in the Caribbean was cool enough, but meeting up with these great people was a luxury bonus. The first day I met a Spanish girl and another Spanish guy, both on different boats that came with the ARC (the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers). Cristina and her sister Olga, along with their wonderful parents, had arrived only a few days ago and so had Diego with his crew. Then there were Derek and Johnny, the latter was skippering a fantastic Catamaran while the owner was away. Needless to say, we spent many an evening testing the comfort level of the boat.

We did water skiing and trips up and down the coast on their dinghy, ate, smoked and drank in the various bars around and went out every night. I think the only time we left each other was to take a shower in the evening. “Pick you up at your boat in half an hour” was the cry everyday.

Honestly, it was like being transported back to the summers of adolescence, in our vacation place, when all we did was spend the day with “The Group” and everybody lived close by and far away from their cities. Just the moment and the people.

I have very good memories of those days in St. Lucia. And I didn’t know it even existed!!!