It’s OK to Travel with a Bathrobe #12: Christmas Eve in St. Lucia – St. Lucia

Christmas Eve in St. Lucia

Of all the Christmases I’ve ever had, this has been the funniest. Until the last moment it wasn’t known who was staying, who was leaving, where we were going to have dinner. Go out? Stay on the boat? On who’s boat?

Derek & Carmen
At the last moment it was clear. Johnny and Derek, the South Africans would host the event on their gorgeous catamaran, then it was me and the Canarian family along with their relatives from Costa Rica who had just arrived after a two day adventure because the connections between the West Indies and the rest of Latin America couldn’t be worse. “C’est une expedition” they say the French, you can imagine…

So, the plan was made and, to occupy our lazy afternoon we went for a dinghy ride. Olga, me, and the two guys. It turned out there were waves close to shore on the way and they took turns wakeboarding while Olga and I tried not to scream when we raced full speed in front of a huge mass of water that followed us close and threateningly. It was really cool, even when we went up the wave and it looked as if the dinghy was going to turn upside down, gulps! So, butt up, butt down, slow down!, watch out! Aggghhh…I lost my hat! And Johnny bending down with only one hand holding the rope and catching it like a cowboy…

Next, let’s have a beer at the resort. The Sandals Resort is an all inclusive hotel with a nice beach in front, hard to arrive to in a dinghy because of the waves. So we left it a million miles away and swam to shore as far as I’ve ever had to swim before. Got there, entered the resort, ordered four beers and jumped in the pool. Ummmm, nice. So, we couldn’t pay for the beers because it was all inclusive and they don’t even have a cashier. What a shame! Can we have another one then? No problem. Ah … Cool! Sometimes it’s just a question of asking, isn’t it?

So, two beers and a dive in the jacuzzi later we hit the road. Already dark, the swim back looked as if we were all gonna drown. To the boys it was nothing, but Olga kept on screaming, “Oh, the sharks, oh, the sharks!” and I couldn’t stop laughing and swallowing water. Plus the waves pushed us back to shore again and again and we didn’t seem to be able to move two meters from the beach, so, it was even funnier. In fact, we couldn’t even see the dinghy too well…

Anyway, once there Derek turned green and announced he had lost the key of the dinghy on the way. But, of course, one should not bodyboard at night with a floating key in the rear pocket.

One more swim to shore, no key to be found, not even with the help of a friendly security guard and his flashlight. Olga and I soaking wet in our bikinis at nine in the evening, dripping water and leaving a wet trail behind our steps, crossing the classy lobby with the guests left and right sipping their cocktails all dressed up for Christmas dinner. The guys left for Rodney Bay to get a copy of the key, previous walk of shame through the lobby themselves.
Xmas dinner
In the meantime, we went to the gift shop to buy cigarettes with so little money they had to give us the lighter for free…

And we waited beside the pool until they came back, just to swim, once more, across to the dinghy. We finally made it for dinner at 11, an okay dinner time for the Spanish but too late for the rest, we were the only ones on the pontoon celebrating.

So, that was my 2001 Christmas. Unforgettable, really.