It’s OK to Travel with a Bathrobe #16: So Far, So Good – Martinique

It’s OK to Travel with a Bathrobe #16: So Far, So Good
So Far, So Good

So, let me introduce you to my life nowadays. The place where I work is one of those “in” hangouts, they have live concerts all the time, of very different music types, and jam sessions like the one we had two nights ago, musicians from all over the island and others from Paris that happened to be here and heard about our jam session. It was great, lots of black sound, with awesome musicians that didn’t know each other but they played together, in groups, then changing, some were sitting in a table, plugged to the rest. Very, very good.

The ambiance is varied, people from the boats, artists, tourists, locals…we are in a small village where the marina is, so, although it’s tiny, it has a very international population. And there are great beaches around.

They broadcast live from the bar often and there are reviews in the press and on the radio all the time. I feel like I’m in the spot to be if you are in Martinique. Plus the staff and the owner are extra cool. I met him, Olivier, one night. I asked Hey! So you are with the group? He answered, No, not at all. I explained I had seen him earlier in the afternoon and he told me he wasn’t surprised ‘cos he was there all the time. I found it very alcoholic of him so I added, Oh, that’s a good philosophy of life-ha-ha-ha-all the time at the bar-ha-ha-ha. He answered, What can I do? I’m the owner.

Ahhh, ok,…ha…ha …ha… I told him I had left my boat, blah, blah, blah …trying to change the subject and seeing my chances of working at the Calebasse going, gooooing, gooooooing.

So, anyway, for a week I didn’t know whether to stay or go to Cuba or Costa Rica or what the hell to do. I had a plane ticket back home that the owner of Danubio gave me before I left, but, above all, I wanted to stay and work around! So, as I was doing my daily internet, I met once more Olivier, who found the episode of the earlier week very funny, and we had lunch together. He asked me again what had I decided and I said I didn’t really have the money to go elswhere and that maybe I would stay and try to work, being realistic and all.. He said I was dumb, because he had offered me work a week before and I hadn’t said anything. So here I am, I love my job, I work all the time now, not as many hours as in Turkey, because that record is hard to beat (and God help me that I won’t have to) but some good 50 hours per week.

The thing is that I live upstairs from the Caf�, as I say, the owner is the coolest, he offered me a room in the house, it doesn’t look like a house, very Caribbean, you know, open everywhere, terrace, the doors never locked, a huge room in the middle with milions of CD’s, the computers, a place to have coffee and all that. Me and the production assistant, Cassandre, redecorated yesterday because, till then, it was a big pile of carboard boxes and little bits everywhere, now it looks so bohemian, especially because artists leave their exposition work here and we use it as our own decorations…Handy, Huh?