It’s OK to Travel with a Bathrobe #17: Delivering – Have you ever tried it? – Martinique

Delivering – Have you ever tried it?

It’s better than sailing, surfing or diving…the best sport ever, because you can do all of the above and still get paid for it. Well, the skipper earns his salary, the crew gets the trip for free and all expenses included. I sailed the Venezuelan coast, the Grenadines several times, the French islands and still had time to go back and forth to Saint Lucia very often, until it was as normal as taking the ferry. Apart from that, there were other small cruises around Martinique that came along on my free days. Very instructive and a lot of fun.

You get to see the islands from another point of view, the good one, I guess. The skippers know everyone, like the guys that come on the speed boats selling bread, cigarettes, t-shirts, lobsters and all you may need. Life is easier and nicer that way, on one hand they know the skippers and therefore they know they bring them customers when in charter, so it’s more like colleagues, and when it’s just a delivery the guys are not looking for business, at least not at that moment,
so they come along on the boat to listen to music and drink rum and coke, to gossip about the others mostly. You get to know them a bit more, not just bargain with them, like when I was a hostess. On top of that, since there’s just two on board, you have to work and you have to learn and the whole game is just so much fun, you feel great afterwards, dead but great.

So, if anyone is planning to follow my steps and try the Caribbean next winter, I suggest you take advantage of this kind of travelling, you’ll get a lot more from the visit.