It’s OK to Travel with a Bathrobe #21: Fugitives – Martinique


There are two kinds of travellers, those who seek adventure and those who escape from home. For the first bunch, freedom and tranquility, every day could change their lives. For the second, the past stays in their backpacks as a load they carry along even to the other end of the world. Travelling is not a cure for problems. If anything, it’ll only add to the feeling that there was some unfinished business to take care of, no peace of mind, no going forward.

The good thing of moving around is that you choose your options as they come. Isn’t it? If you do it to forget someone, or worse, to make someone jealous, it just won’t work. It’s better to have your heart completely broken and then head off than leave it half cooked and think that it’ll sort itself out with time and distance.

You’ll find yourself eating your nails and your savings in million dollar phone calls, and, eventually, catching a plane back home because you can’t take it anymore. Only to find out, once back, after the heat of the reunion, that nothing has changed and you have let the train go before your eyes for not being able to get rid of all that heavy luggage.