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Jennifer Colvin
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The day after I graduated from college I left for a solo backpacking trip through Europe. At the end of three months, I wanted to sleep in a real bed, wear a different shirt every day, see my family and spend time with my boyfriend. After a couple weeks at home, I was ready to go again.

So for the last two and a half years, Bob and I have taken countless small trips from our home in Seattle for weekend adventures skiing, hiking, cycling, surfing and racing in triathlons. But the whole time, we’ve been talking about, planning and saving for The Big Trip – a six-month bike journey abroad.

In the past few months, everything finally came together. We had saved enough money. I got laid off from my writing job at a dot-com company and Bob was ready to quit his computer programming job. The apartment lease was up.

Now, the adventure begins.

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