Just the Facts, Madame – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Just the Facts, Madame
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Home to 1.6 million people, Brisbane is hardly small talk. Yet, despite being the third largest city in Australia, its scale and grandeur doesn’t loom over you with intimidation. Rather it opens its wide arms casually easing you into big city life, making Brisbane the quintessential small town in a big city.

Realizing this, it’s also worthy of noting that Brisbane is young and alive. The average local is only thirty-three, making it quite the hip and trendy. To add to this mix, the culture within Brisbane is vibrant. More than a quarter of the population has migrated from overseas. For those who are keen on diversity and who enjoy places that are culturally aware, Brisbane is the jackpot.

Another plus for the capital of Queensland is the weather. When people say, “Beautiful one day, perfect the next,” they aren’t lying. Rainfall is rare, and it’s difficult to even justify buying a heavy coat for the chilly months. You’re more likely to go sunbathing than sledding in the mild winter weather.

Looking at today’s city, it’s difficult to picture the Brisbane of yesteryear, once home to aboriginals and convicts. Prior to 1824, Brisbane’s land was occupied by the Jagera and Turrbal aboriginal clans, an ideal place for them considering the resources provided by the Brisbane River. But between 1824 and 1842, Brisbane caught the eye of the authorities in Sydney and became the new prospect for a gaol site. In other words, Brissie became the happy abode to the more hardcore criminals that had been sent to New South Wales. At the time largely uninhabited, Brisbane’s remoteness was appealing.

But after about a twenty-year stint as the convict capital, Brisbane shook off its criminal chains and became a free settlement. From there it rapidly grew and as we all know, Brissie is still stretching its limbs today.

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