Latin America’s Top Six Destinations Right Now

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Colorful, candid and everything in between, Latin America beats to the rhythm of an infectious, eternal drum. Captured in the chaos of Rio’s Carnival, vindicated in the streets of Buenos Aires and sprinkled among the treetops of the Andes, discover the endless energy of a continent that dazzles in the daytime and parties long into the night. To help you plan your trip, check out these six hot spots to visit in Latin America.

1. Quito, the Amazon, and Cuenca – Ecuador

Experience the best of Ecuador, around a country that’s rich in history, culture, incredible landscapes, friendly locals, and delicious food! Among Ecuador’s highlights are lush green foothills, dense rainforests, age-old cities, indigenous markets, verdant jungle, and diverse flora and fauna, all of which are just screaming out to be explored and appreciated. Ecuador leaves travelers from all over the world in awe of this stunning part of South America.

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2. Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls – Brazil

Travel to South America and visit Brazil on a journey through its beautiful interior. Discover the heart and soul of Brazil as you travel from the dramatic setting of Rio de Janeiro past the thundering waters of Iguazu Falls and on to the startling array of wildlife in the Pantanal Wetlands. Experience the natural wonders and vibrant energy that this welcoming country is known for.

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3. Lima, Cuzco, Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu – Peru

Travel to Peru in style, from the hot coastal plains to the high cities of Cuzco and ancient Machu Picchu. Uncover charming colonial towns, stunning Andean landscapes, Inca ruins, colorful markets, and a fascinating local culture. Visit Lima, Pisco, Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Aguas Calientes, and Machu Picchu — a majestic adventure, showing you the true heart of Peru, unveiling a fascinating culture that is sure to astound.

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4. Buenos Aires to Santiago via Bariloche – Argentina & Chile

Discover the spirit of South America on an adventure through amazing Argentina and charismatic Chile. From the elegance of Buenos Aires and the relaxed Mendoza wine country to the beauty of Bariloche, Argentina is a favorite with foodies and adventurers alike. A visit to Chile reveals another friendly, vibrant country set in dramatic, rugged scenery. This route offers the chance to explore unique landscapes and discover the contrast between the cities and the people of Argentina and Chile.

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5. La Paz, Sucre and more – Bolivia

Explore the best of Bolivia on an adventure through lively cities, breathtaking scenery, and colorful market towns. From the extreme elevation of bustling La Paz through the history of Potosi and on to the surreal salt flats of Salar de Uyuni, there’s a diverse mix of adventures and activities to deliver excitement, intrigue and pleasure. Discover the highlights of this fascinating part of South America and be swept away by the color and beauty flourishing in this corner of the earth.

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6. San Jose to Panama City – Costa Rica & Panama

Adventure-lovers rejoice! Here is a route that delivers pure beach bliss, idyllic islands, curious creatures, and small towns packed with charm. First travel to Costa Rica to uncover cultural gems in San Jose and Sarapiqui, then journey on to Panama for an intoxicating mixture of relaxation and adventure. Costa Rica and Panama are the very essence of Central American coastal beauty, and this tour certainly catches them at their best.

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