Leeeeeeeaving, On an Overland Tour – Namibia

Leeeeeeeaving, On an Overland Tour

1. Namibians quite often tell us that the crime isn’t that bad here, regardless if we tell them that Lizzy got mugged or not. They always say that crime is way better than in South Africa, because there, they will not only rob you but kill you too. Comforting. NOT!

2. The Namibian dollar is pegged at the same rate as the South African Rand. However the value of the Rand goes, so goes the Namibian dollar. It’s used one for one everywhere here in Namibia.

3. At the Wild Cinema film festival at the Franco Namibian Cultural centre, we saw a South African movie called, Forgiveness. It deals with a police officer that was granted amnesty by Desmond Tutu’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission for admitting to the heinous crimes that he committed, one being the torture and death of a young black activist. He goes and seeks out the family members of the activist’s and it results in an emotional mess of things. It was worth seeing it and I recommend it. By the way, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission revealed a lot of startling truths of the crimes committed by the apartheid regime and its minions/perpetrators. So staggeringly painful were the stories that one wonders how they listened to it all. I am not entirely clear on the whole of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission but I do know that it gave amnesty to people who committed crimes so long as they came forward and spoke about their crimes towards humanity, mainly blacks. I am not sure about the reconciliation part (how it went etc.) but I admire the effort and intentions to get past those darker days. It may be a good practice to use yet it is without controversy. Of note, it was this commission that revealed the killers of political activist Steven Biko.

4. I have eaten zebra, kudu, crocodile, springbok and oryx. I couldn’t taste the difference of any of them except for the springbok and crocodile. I liked it all much to Lizzy’s dismay.

5. There a lot of parking attendants that look after your car for a nominal fee of a few Rand/Namibian dollars. They do a fairly good job.

6. South Africans are tall people, because if they made the urinals any higher I would be on my tippy toes.

Here’s the plan:

Lizzy and I are leaving Windhoek on the 24th of April and we are heading to Swakopmund to join an overland tour. Overland means we get in a big and I mean BIG, truck and make our way across the country side stopping at game parks and other points of interest. The group tour that Lizzy and I are doing is Nomad Tours. They are really popular with tours in Africa and given Lizzy’s unfortunate mugging, it will be nice to join a hassle free tour without worrying about how to get from A to B and doing all the things that we want to do. Besides, we’ll have plenty of time to do that later when we go to Mozambique and onwards etc. Anyway, our tour will take us from Swakopmund to Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe. We’re going to see some game parks along the way and we’re excited to see some big animals.

One of the most interesting things for me is going to visit the Okavango delta in Botswana. A few years ago when I was an assistant wrestling coach in Calgary for Sir Winston Churchill High School, the wrestlers, knowing that I wanted to visit Africa some day, at the end of the year gave me a coffee table book about the Okavango Delta with fascinating pictures of all kinds of wild life. I was hooked. It just reaffirmed that I must go to Africa and now I am doing it, and sharing it with somebody I love. Yeahh!!

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