Liectenstein Travel Facts

The Basics

Country: Liechtenstein

Where is it: Liechtenstein is located in central Europe, between Austria and Switzerland

Why do people go here: Although the country may be tiny, the slopes are not. Remarkably similar to Switzerland, but with more money laundering.

What are the main entry points: Austria and Switzerland are the bordering countries, and ski bums flock in on buses.

Currency used: Swiss Franc

Country Code for Phones: 423

Area codes for Major Cities: All Points 75

Religion: Roman Catholic 76.2%, Protestant 7%, unknown 10.6%, other 6.2%

Population: 35,000

Ethnic Breakdown: Alemannic 86%, Italian, Turkish, and other 14%

Government: Parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy

Languages: German (official), Alemannic dialect
Major Cities: Vaduz

Travel Information

Attractions: Skiing, Castles, Mountains

Accommodation: Liectenstein Hotels

Tourism Office locations and links: Switzerland- Swiss National Tourist Office Bellariastrasse 38 P.O Box 695 Zurich,, 8027, Switzerland +41-1-288-11-11;; FAX 41-1-288-12-05;// //

Tips for Visiting

Off-the-Beaten-Path: Ski-museum, Falconry / Falknerei, Majoratspalais

Health Issues: No vaccines are required to enter the country

When to go: Ski season is November to March, but tourists can be even more plentiful in the summertime.

Common Phrases: Yes = Ja, No = Nein, Please = Bitte, Thank you = Dank, Do you speak English? = Macht sie sprechen Englisch?

Specific Events/Holidays: Assumption Day, 15 August

Getting Around: Buses are the only form of public transportation

Good to know: It is the fourth smallest nation in the continent of Europe.

Cheapest airport to fly into: There is no airport in Liechtenstein. The closest airport that you can use is the Zurich in Switzerland.

Need more information?: Check out the Liechtenstein travel guide for more on what to see, where to stay, and how to get there.

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