Living the Dream in Sardinia – Sardinia, Italy

Living the Dream in Sardinia
Sardinia, Italy

Bastione di St. Caterina

Bastione di St. Caterina

Have you ever dreamed about starting your own business? Or better yet, have you ever thought about starting a business on a beautiful island with untapped resources, combining your business ventures with an exciting lifestyle? Sounds like a great idea, right? Well, it is, and that’s exactly what I did. I finished my studies at the University of Oregon, sold my earthly possessions and bought a plane ticket to Cagliari, Italy on the beautifully captivating island of Sardinia.

If you have passion and the ability to sell your ideas and products through persuasion, Italy is your land of opportunity. My business partner and I are up to our elbows in graphic designs, sports event marketing strategies and Italian subsidy possibilities. Needless to say, the ideas, the hours, and the opportunities are many as we develop our business, Sportstar.

We started this venture in October, by converting my business partner’s family’s “gym” (i.e. youth party hall and all around boy’s after school game room) into a start up incubator. We furnished it by IKEA, the family’s extras from storage, and the sports history photographs and memorabilia. To date, we have spent nights jamming through projects, and days negotiating in meetings and developing ideas. At this point, money comes into the business as fast as it goes out. That’s how we grow.

As I get more involved with our business, I am also learning about the city of Cagliari. For the tourist, Cagliari is a great place for sport enthusiasts and culture seekers. It is the biggest city on the Island of Sardinia, which is the largest island in the Mediterranean. Cagliari is surrounded by miles of sea for sport and leisure activities. Among many sports, Cagliari is one of the finest areas for water sports, especially sailing – a sport that can be enjoyed all year round. It boasts 65-70 degrees in February with countless days of sunshine per year. In addition, it is a city established with ancient Sardinian ruins and traditions, and decorated with Roman remnants. The culture is as strong and rich as the people are generous and life loving. And of course, we are in Italy where the land is beautiful, the people are beautiful and the living is beautiful.

So, here I am, four months after my arrival, taking on this energetically poetic language, greeting people I meet with kisses, eating horse filet, sea urchins, and octopus and above all building a sports marketing business, Italian style.

With our start up, Sportstar, we aim to continue to grow as spring approaches. Our activities will involve organizing, marketing and initiating competitive racing events for triathletes. We will continue to learn and find inspiration with the people and the land of Cagliari and Sardinia as we coordinate these activities and integrate our services into this vibrant Italian culture.

So, when you are considering your next travel destination look into an extended stay in Cagliari and travel around the island of Sardinia. From many points of view; weather, activities, culture, food, this is a great travel destination. And, if you are so inspired, a great place to live.

Spirited travelers, invest in your passions and live your dreams!