Author: Dale Thomas Vaughn

Looking for Contributors: Calling All Travel Writers

My name is Dale Vaughn. I’m the new editor at – a travel media site that has reached more than 50 million unique users. We are relaunching our site, rebuilding our community of contributors and reforming our technology to handle increased traffic loads. We were one of the first 3 travel companies on the internet, and now we are preparing to climb into the top 3 travel media companies in the world. If you want to be a travel writer, this is your chance to get in the game.

This might be right for you if you love to travel, you love to write (or make videos), and you want to become an influencer in the travel industry.

Milos Tonchevski

We want to help you grow and we want to grow with you.

Here’s what we offer:

  • We provide a platform of more than 100K followers across social platforms.
  • We provide editing and coaching to promising writers who want to learn and grow.
  • We provide a NEW private BootsnAll writers Facebook group to connect, collaborate, and grow with other influencers in the industry. We fundamentally believe in making meaningful connections, so we believe we all grow together.
  • Writers will also get future opportunities to share in site revenues, submit pitches for commission or perk considerations, and establish ongoing interview relationships with travel industry professionals (from tour companies, visitor bureaus, airlines – not to be used for incentives, but if you want to be in this business those meaningful relationships can support you in your next steps too).
  • We will submit our best pieces for awards every year… that could be you! Can you imagine your story being nominated for writer, blogger, webby, journalism awards?
  • Possibility to be among our first round of authors (yes, we’re planning to get into publishing in the medium term).

If you’d like to contribute, below are a few topics we’re interested in. Write around those topics or send us your own ideas!

When you’re ready, submit here:

Topics We Are Looking to Explore:

  • Solo female travelers – what is your experience?
  • Bucket list trips – where have you gone, where do you want to go?
  • Top summer travel family trips
  • Travel transforms – how has travel changed you?
  • Should you put travel on your resume?
  • Study abroad – reasons to take your studies overseas…
  • Travel destinations that will disappear due to climate change
  • Gap year or college?
  • Does travel make you a better person?

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