Malta: A Small Nation with a Big Heart

First Trip
I remember the first time I traveled to Malta – a teenager with a group of friends trying to get the best summer holiday experience EVER. Many years have passed, many trips followed that first holiday. I fell in love with the country and its people. I can proudly say I now live in Malta. I will tell you lots about Malta from a foreigner’s point of view.

A Foreigner's Point of View
People ask me whether such a small island can offer an enjoyable holiday. You’d be amazed, I tell them. There are beaches, reasonably priced, good hotels, generally warm and friendly people, all the facilities you want on a holiday and the richness of the country’s heritage.

There are the remains of age-old historical and cultural sites. Everything is easy to get to. It is said that Malta offers the highest concentration of historical sites in the world. I believe it.

Who goes to Malta
Many international language students find their way to Malta, to improve on their English language skills. The archipelago is a former British colony (and still part of the Commonwealth), the country’s second official language is English – explaining why Malta is so popular among English language students. International corporations take an interest in Malta as the place to hold conferences and high key business meetings. European football clubs have increasingly started to set up training camps in Malta during the winter recess. A recent example is A.C. Milan’s (Italian club) stay, which I understand their players and staff enjoyed.

The Maltese
The people are upbeat and welcoming, no such thing as strangers because of the close community. Tourists are treated with respect and received as guests, but as in most, if not all countries, a small minority of anti-social locals tend to give the country a bad reputation – a pity.

If you’re thinking of visiting Malta, take it as it comes, understand there are subtle cultural differences you may or may not like. As the saying goes, When in Rome do as the Romans. Enjoy the good things, be lenient when it comes to grumpy bus drivers, for example, or impatient drivers. Both can be found in any country!

Have a look at this guide to Malta for more information on this country, or Subway Dive Centre for a full range of courses and exciting dives.

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