May 1999 – Scotland, UK

This time of year, Scotland is finally starting to warm up, and the sun is usually shining, but I warn any intrepid explorers to remember a warm jacket anyway.

This month’s big events include Mayfest in Glasgow – this is a huge festival lasting most of the month, with street parties, concerts, exhibitions, the works!!

Also in Glasgow this month, the Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow’s best independent cinema, celebrates its 25th birthday.

Celebrations include showings of some of the most popular foreign films ever shown, and cheap tickets on selected days.

Finally in Glasgow this month, BBC Music Live begins 26th May for one week, with 100 concerts to suit all tastes.

Further afield, in Edinburgh, consider a visit to the new Museum of Scotland, which opened earlier this year.

It contains a selection of Scotland’s finest treasures, but it can take several days to get a good look at it all.

Wherever you go this month, the towns will be full of cafes with tables in the street, and Scottish people wandering around with as few clothes as possible, trying to make a start on their sunburn, so be warned!!

General Info

Scotland has many contrasts for a country which is comparatively small.

By all means visit the main cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, but to visit only them would be to miss out on some of the most spectacular and unique scenery in the world.

Northern Scotland is very sparsely populated, and consequently virtually untouched by pollution witnessed throughout the rest of Europe.

If you get the chance, head north to the Highlands, the Western Isles, the Orkney Islands or Shetland

– they’re well worth the trip!

Websites worth a look:

General Scotland

Glasgow Events

Fringe Festival

Gaelic, our national language

Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network

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A little about me

I’m a student at Glasgow University, hence the Glasgow -orientated view.

I love to travel, and intend to spend two months in the Middle East over the summer (watch this space for photos on my return).

If anyone would like more information or help, don’t hesitate to ask.

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