Mexico, Christmas Milagros, and Me – San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Mexico, Christmas Milagros, and Me
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel Christmas

San Miguel Christmas

Well, I made it! After leaving work and selling my furniture as so many have done before me, Phoebe the Cat and I arrived in San Miguel de Allende right before Christmas.

Sorry to say however, that unfortunately my carry-on bags never made it from the Leon Airport. You know, the bags where I put everything too important to be checked – camera, address book, eyeglasses, jewelry, medication, computer cables, family photos, tango shoes? I don’t know exactly what happened, you can’t relax your vigilance for one second in life. I turned my attention to Phoebe, and poof, my life changed.

My landlady called the airport for me and received a negative response. No found purple bags. She counseled me to forget it and move on. I cried for days, went to lovely St Paul’s and prayed to accept the inevitable.

But Christmas Eve I went to a party and like seems to happen so often in San Miguel, in talking about a problem, help happens. I am learning that serendipity is the way here. At the party I met someone who was leaving the next day for New York from Leon, and she offered to inquire for me. I hadn’t gone back myself because of the transportation difficulty and my lack of hope.

Early Christmas morning the phone rang: “Cherie, your bags are here!”

I called Vincente the taxi driver who had originally picked me up, and woke him too. “I’ll be right there!” He felt terrible and unnecessarily guilty about the loss of the bags.

Twenty minutes later we were on the empty road to Leon. At the airport we searched through the lost luggage and my bags weren’t there, although there was a similar purple one and I thought probably that was the one my friend saw.

San Miguel Christmas
However, when we checked in Customs, there they were, behind locked doors, both of them. I had left them unlocked, and now they sported plastic security seals. I offered to say muchas gracias with a tip, but the professional officials waved it away, smiling at my tears of joy.

Vincente and I laughed all the way back to San Miguel where when I cut off the plastic locks, I found everything completely untouched. Getting my things back was a true milagro and the best Christmas present I ever received. Because of the kindness of strangers I had a Feliz Navidad and an incredible Benvenidos a Mexico.

And Vincente invited me to his family’s Christmas celebration that night. But that is another story.

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