Microbreweries – Eugene, Oregon Travel Guide

For a town of only 120,000 Eugene has its fair share of microbrew houses. In the downtown area alone, there are 4 unique breweries. On a rainy day in Eugene (and this is often), it’s a great way to spend the day. Evaluate the local brew.


Downtown Breweries

1. Steelhead Brewery: Corner of 5th and Pearl.
Steelhead is a lovely place to spend an afternoon with some mates for a few. There are about a dozen or so big comfy, I thought this was my living room, type chairs. Full menu is included along with $3 US for about 6 different pints brewed on site. MMMMMMMM.

2. Wild Duck Brewery: 6th and Charnelton.
Wild Duck is similiar to Steelhead in its on-site Brewery and selection. No comfy chairs though, and a bit more of an uppity crowd hangs out there. Still a good place for happy hour during the week and an appetizer if the budget’s tight.


3. West Brothers: Between 8th and Broadway on Olive.
West Brothers again follows suit with Wild Duck and Steelhead as far as a full menu and micro selection. It is a popular place for lunch because of its proximity to the center of downtown. Not as well known for its brewery, but it is quality nonetheless.

4. High Street Brewery: Between 12th and 13th on High Street. One of the McMennamin Breweries located throughout Oregon. It used to be a house and they turned it into a restaurant and micro house. They are known for such lovely choices of brew as "Rubinator" and "Hammerhead". The atmosphere is much more laid back as it is near the university and has a home-like environment.

These are the only local breweries in Eugene. Other Oregon area beers (eg: Deschutes) are served at most local restaurants and pubs besides the 4 mentioned above. So, even if you don’t frequent these establishments, you are likely to come across microbrews from the Pacific Northwest.



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