Midwest Road Trip Travel Guide

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Information about Road Tripping

I Want the Best
For the busy traveler: the best hotel, houseguest, hourly and camper trips, with a few others thrown in for fun.

What is a road trip and why you should you go?

Making the Midwest Unique
Why the Midwest? What makes it different from anywhere else in the US?

The Top Five Ways to Get a Nosebleed in the Midwest
Sheer excitement rocks the Midwest.

Related Articles

Blossom Music Center
The Blossom Music Center is a huge open-air venue, holding almost 20,000 people (including the lawn seats), and Jenny Davis saw it rocking.

Cutesy Cabins
Petoskey, MI: Density of tiny, cutesy shops and villas and olde tyme country home style cabin lodges: approaching capacity. Site of: a very unlikely road trip.

Fall Festival
If you can conjure up a stereotype regarding Midwestern grub, you’ll be able to sample it at Evansville’s Fall Festival.

Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari Amusement Park
Santa Claus, Indiana is a town that has always tried hard to live up to its name, and it does with with Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari Amusement Park.

Indiana’s Weird Museums
From the educational to the freakish, Indiana’s museums are sure to have you shaking your head

Mammoth Camping
Jenny proves her indispensability in the wild by making some pointy sticks, and fighting ferocious raccoons.

Mammoth Cave
Jenny Davis tours the majestic Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.

Tail of the Horses
Not even a deathly fear of horses could keep Jenny Davis from the top of a mountain in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

West Baden Springs National Historic Landmark
There’s nothing dignified about visiting a historical landmark and then viewing thousands of dead chickens.

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