Milano – Milan, Italy, Europe

I had just returned from Belgium, having brought a Belgian back with me, so I could not work my full week and leave her at home by herself! We decided to go to Milan by train. Seats were numbered, different from Belgian trains, but some flexibility is lost.

The first train ride in Italy was quite the experience, left 15 minutes late, even grandpa in his wheelchair passed us by. We arrived late in Milano, naturally.

After we got directions, we ended up at the Dom, well, first at the piazza, square, using the quicker metro. We walked around the place a bit. Since my current employer is Siemens, no longer Volvo, I could admire the Ferrari Store without feeling guilty. I postponed my purchase because of the delivery time.

From there we went from one exclusive shop to the other, the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele as one example.

We didn't have that much money to spend, but we saw how Leonardo Da Vinci could look onto the Scala in approval. Castello Sforzesco was worth a visit, we watched a rehearsal of an opera, probably scheduled for later that day.

The park next to the Castello was big and quiet with couples of all ages kissing and loving. From the park, we took a last look at the Arco della Pace, Arch of Peace.

Sometimes, understanding Italians can be difficult for strangers. Friends of mine from Genova, went to London and were surprised when people there started looking at their watches when the metro wasn't on time. Italians are not much into punctuality, trains leave around a certain point in time, meaning a half hour before or half hour beyond the time posted.

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