Minneapolis, Minnesota – July 2001

It’s July in Minnesota, it’s at least 85° almost everyday and everywhere
you look there are fireworks going off. The one thing you have to
remember, is that in Minnesota fireworks are illegal. Even on the 4th of
July. However, the local authorities tend to look the other way for the
majority of this month.

Since you can’t buy them in Minnesota, it’s a
good time for a field trip to Wisconsin. Just across the border in
Hudson, there is a fireworks shack every 100 yards. To get there, take
94E until you start seeing signs for the dealers (about 45 min). It’s
that easy.

If fireworks don’t do it for you there’s plenty of other things to do,
mostly outside, and mostly free. The one exception being the Basilica
Block Party
. Party with the priests and maybe a nun or two. July 6-7th
the Basilica of St. Mary will host a rock show on the lawn of the
cathedral. Located in the heart of Downtown, it’s an awesome party with
two days of music. Featuring such bands as the Wallflowers (think
Dylan), Semisonic and Martin Zellar, among many others. And yes, they
sell beer. Two days for $35 or one day for $20.

For more info (612) 317-3511.

Now, on to the free stuff:

Free is always good and two things for free is even better. That’s
exactly what the Walker Art Center gives you every Monday in July
starting Monday the 9th. Loring Park in Downtown Minneapolis is the
venue for the Walker’s outdoor show that includes music starting at
7:00pm and a movie starting at dusk. All you need is a blanket, a lawn
chair, or anything else you like to sit on. Call (612) 378-7622 for movie
and music listings.

Billed as “the 10 best days of summer”, the 61st annual Aquatennial is
filled with activities. The festivities run July 13-22. There are
two parades, the grande day parade is on the 14th and the Torchlight (at
night) parade is on the 18th. Meanwhile, there’s milk carton boat races
(hilarious), sand sculpture contests, concerts, fireworks and the
Hennepin Avenue Block Party that has hosted bands like the Smashing
Pumpkins and the Black Crowes. For activity dates and times call
(612) 331-8363.

The capitol of our fine state hosts a great party every year called
Taste of Minnesota. Lots of music and activities including fireworks and
things for families all take place on the lawn of the Capital Building
in Downtown St. Paul. Bands this year include, among many others, the
Go-Go’s and local boys made good, the Honeydogs. June 30-July 4.

Lake Street is definitely one of the busiest streets in Minneapolis. On
July 21st it will be even busier. The Lake Street Cultural Festival will
take over Lake Street between 18th Ave and Bloomington Ave. There will
be a youth talent show, music, food and beverage vendors and no doubt
the usual riff-raff. This should be a really good time.