Mong La, Burma

Mong La – Special Region Number 4 – Wa area and guarded by a Special Army.

Here everything goes. Casinos and gambling house are everywhere. There are

tumbling dice games called “Gluckgluck”, dice big enough to break your arm

if they land on you! Periodically, they fall out of the box area they are

supposed to tumble in, and everyone has to move out of the way!

One of the

game rules is if one or more of the dice roll out of the box, then there are no

winners and no losers, the dice must roll again. So, wherever your money

was placed, you get it back. The only loser may be the one the dice landed

on!! The dice may be the size of a basket ball and solid wood, 12 inches X

12 inches X 12…

Mong La is approximately 258 kms from Maesai, thru Keng Tung, is like no other place anywhere around. Mostly Chinese tourists

venture to this Burmese outpost for wine, women and song! Songs I said!

Well, according to the Chinese, this is the greatest show

on earth! People flock to this borderline (from China) to get a glimpse of

this show.

It’s not the Ringling brother’s Barnum & Bailey circus! It’s a

KATOY (transvestite) CABERET SHOW! See it to believe it! And, the katoys

are not even from there! They are from Thailand and they have been there

for years! It’s really scary because I was walking through the town one day and

one of them said “Sawatdee ka” (with a husky voice of recognition). Shim (she

+ him = shim) said, I have seen you in Maesai before! Really I said where?

At the Wang Thong Disco before! Oh yes, then it hit me! Shim went out with

one of the Merril Lynch guys who mistook shim for a she! I still remember,

he denied everything…

Mong La has one of the most fascinating temples, built on the

hill-side just as one enters from China. There is also an Opium Free

Special Region No. 4 Museum that gives you the history of Heroin as well as

the recipe! Really!

The Dai ladies (Shan people) are ever so graceful when

one sees them anywhere and can easily be distinguished from the ever

apparent Chinese gals in lustful outfits!

Wa Village

The scenic beauty of the area can capture ones breath, especially at sunset.

However, one always raises the question as to “why here”? Why, because we

can! Everything from snakes and leopard cats at the animal market for a

fresh morning or evening meal, to luck at the roulette or the black jack


To get there, well, inquire at the King Kobra for the latest info on

how to get there or take you there. Don’t worry, there are no long lines

waiting in Maesai to head in that direction, like there are at the Chinese

border town opposite Mong La, Daluo, Yunnan, China. It’s a rough ride in

and yes a rough ride back, if the road is still there and hasn’t been washed

away. Sorry, it is not possible to take the easy way in from the Chinese

side for foreigners yet. I am still waiting for this to happen and will

surely let you all know. When this happens, one will be able to do the

whole loop, North thailand, Burma, China, Laos and exit back into Thailand.

We have all been waiting for this to happen.

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