Moscow Travel Facts

The Basics

City Name: Moscow

Where is it located?: Moscow sits below St. Petersburg in the far western part of “European Russia”.

Why do people go there?: The capital of Russia and the unofficial capital of Eastern Europe, Moscow is where is all happened – Communism, the Cold War, the reinstatement of capitalism. With a black market that still thrives and widespread corruption, this city is home to some of the richest people in Russia – and some of the poorest. It can be overwhelming, rushed and harried, so hold onto your wallet, learn a few words in Russian and tell yourself that if there is any city in Eastern Europe that you’ll be swept away in, Moscow is it.

How do travelers get there?: Flights into the country are usual the way people go, but if you’re on a massive trip, a bus will get you there as well.

Currency: Ruble

City Code: 95

Other phone tips: Local calls are offered free in Moscow. International calls can only be possible by the use of private phones. Public phones in Moscow required phone cards.

Population: 11.1 million

Languages: Russian

Travel Information

Neighborhoods: Arbat, Belorusskaya, Prospekt Mira, Zamoskvorechye

Attractions: Gorky Park, Kremlin, Red Square, The Armoury (Oruzheynaya Palata)

Accommodations: Moscow Hostels, Moscow Hotels

Tourist Office:

Off-the-beaten-path: VDNKh or the National Economic Exhibition, Donskoi Monastery, Kuskovo

Health Issues: Immunizations for hepatitis A, typhoid, influenza, measles and mumps are required for travelers visiting Moscow.

Tips for Visiting

When to go: Avoid winter at all costs, unless you plan on drinking a lot of vodka to keep warm. Early fall is relatively dry, still warm and generally more cheery than the damp spring.

Common Phrases: Hello= “pree-vyet”, Goodbye= “da-svi-da-niya”, Yes= “da”, No= “knee-yet”, Thank You= “spa-see-ba”, Do you speak English?= “vi gavareetye pa angleeskee?”

City Specific Events: Moscow International Film Festival, Moscow Pride

How to get around?: The metro is the pride and joy of Russia’s public transportation. The trolley and bus systems are complimentary.

Good to know: Moscow is oftentimes called as the Third Rome.

Cheapest airport to fly into: The cheapest airports to fly into Moscow are Sheremetyevo International Airport, Domodedovo International Airport, Bykovo Airport, Ostafyevo International Airport and Vnukovo International Airport. Choose the one that is near your trip destination to obtain cheaper flights.

Need more information?: Check out the Moscow travel guide for more on what to see, where to stay, and how to get there.

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