My Best Valentine’s Day in Paris – Paris, France, Europe

Paul, my husband, and I love spending weekends in Paris. Each time we have the opportunity, we try to experience different places, even if it is sometimes difficult not to book into our favourite hotel in St Germain.

We decided to take four days off to celebrate Valentine's Day. Paul wanted to organise everything which was very romantic! He seemed so excited about it that I guessed it was something very special. After staying in so many charming places in Paris, we have both become very demanding.

After I insisted, he gave me the following clues. He said we would be in the very heart of Paris, with a view from the window of the Place de la Concorde, the Parliament Building and some of the most beautiful bridges on the Seine, the Pont Alexandre III. I guessed what it might be, but I did not say anything as I did not want to disappoint him.

In fact, during one of our previous stays, after a long walk, we had stopped at the Hotel Crillon for a cup of tea. I mentioned that I would love to stay there at least once! On our arrival day after the Eurostar, the taxi drove us to the Place de la Concorde where the Crillon is situated. Instead of stopping in front of the Palace, we continued on towards the quai where he stopped in the middle of nowhere as there were hardly any buildings, let alone a hotel.

When we walked down the steps to the river with our luggage, I suddenly realised that we were not going to stay in a palace but in a peniche, barge, situated exactly where Paul mentioned – between the Alexandre III bridge, the Parliament building and the Place de la Concorde. At my door was the quai that I love so much to wonder along.

We had a lovely stay at Alain and Rita's home who live there all year. Paul found this fabulous place through Private Homes. We recommend you experience this – even for one day. Rate is $150.00 per night, including breakfast.

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