My Journey to Little England in Sri Lanka

It was a beautiful rainy day of month of September 2008. My girlfriend and I decided to travel Nuwaraeliya (Little England) to enjoy our vacation.  We got in to the Udarata Manike Train from Colombo railway station at 9.30 am with new hopes about our vacation.  We enjoyed natural beauty of hill country between Colombo to Nanuoya. Nanuoya is the railway station where anybody should get down from the train to go to the Nuwaraeliya. So from Nanuoya we hired a rent a car and went to the Nuwaraeliya.

Baker's Falls, Sri Lanka

Baker’s Falls, Sri Lanka

Nuwaraeliya is a most beautiful city in Sri Lanka. Nuwaraeliya (City of Lights), also known as ‘Little England’. Because the city was planned as England architectural techniques when the British people control the Sri Lanka. The town Nuwaraeliya lies in the central hills of Sri Lanka, 6200 feet above sea level.

We stayed Pine Cottage during our whole vacation. It is a small cottage situated in Nuwaraeliya Kandy Road.

We visited lots of beautiful places in Nuwaraeliya. Summary of those places are as follows:

Pidurutalagala Mountain

Piduruthlagala is the Highest mountain and highest top of the Sri Lanka. Top of the Piduruthalalgala mountain is high 2524m above sea level. Piduruthalagala mountain is at Nuwaraeliya place and secret plants secret animals and various things are hidden in there.

Shanthipura Village

Shanthipura is the highest village in Nuwara Eliya. If you want go to the Shanthipura you should go through the Nuwara Eliya – Kandy Road. There is the place called Kalapura in Shanthipura. In Kalapura there is a stage for seing the surroundings of the Nuwara Eliya town. You can see Pidurutalagala, Adams peak, Gregory’s Lake, Hakgala Mountain, Nuwara Eliya town from this stage.

Gregory’s Lake

The lake is situated in Nuwaraeliya city. This lake was fashioned under orders of British Governor Sir William Gregory in 1873.

Hakgala Botanical Garden

The Gardens were first established in 1861 under the curatorship of three British of the same name – William Nock, JK Nock and JJ Nock. It lies under the Hakgala Peak, between 5000 – 6000 feet in elevation – the highest set of botanic gardens in the world.

Horton Plains

These are the most beautiful plains in Sri Lanka.

World’s End

The most stunning place in the Horton Plains is the World’s End, where the southern Horton Plains suddenly ends, and drops off to nearly 700 Metres, which is an awesome sight indeed. World’s End means the place which has highest gap in Sri Lanka.

Baker’s Waterfall

Baker’s waterfall is situated in Horton Plains, Sri Lanka. This waterfall is height about 22 meters. It is very beautiful because in various corners we can see various sceneries.


Ambewela is one of beautiful places of Sri Lanka and it’s situated at Nuwaraeliya district.  Ambewela has highest and widest grass grounds of Sri Lanka. Milko and Highland full cream milk powder factory is situated at Ambewela.


Pattipola is a very beautiful village in Sri Lanka which is situated at Nuwaraeliya district. It is near to the border of Nuwaraeliya and Badulla districts. It is 1893m highest above sea level. Pattipola is famous for a cool railway station, railway tunnel 18, and also pattipola is situated on the way of Horton plains, Totupala Mountain and Kirigalpoththa Mountain. Pattipola railway station is the highest railway station in Sri Lanka

Lover’s Leap Waterfall

This is off the Nuwara Eliya – Kandapola Road. The waters are taken to brew the famous Nuwara Eliya Beer. It is said how an eloping couple, pursued by an irate father, threw themselves over the falls.

Devon Waterfall

Devon waterfall of Sri Lanka is one of very beautiful waterfalls of Sri Lanka, which is situated at Thalawakale of Sri Lanka. The falls is high at 1159m above sea level.

St. Clair Waterfall

St.Clair is a name of the tea estate and a cool climate place of Thalawakele of Sri Lanka. St. Clair waterfall is a very beautiful and wide waterfall of Sri Lanka.

We were in Nuwaraeliya 5 days and enjoyed our vacation as we dreamed and returned to Colombo with a hope to travel again there because there are some other places to visit.


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