NAFSA: Service Providers – Seattle, Washington, United States

NAFSA: Service Providers
Seattle, Washington, United States

Although most travelers have probably never heard of NAFSA: Association of International Educators, they’ve probably worked with ’em. NAFSA’s mission is to advance international education and exchange. From study abroad companies to language learning centers to educational tours – they’re all under the NAFSA umbrella. At the annual conference, thousands of educators descended to Seattle to attend workshops, network and learn about the cutting edge in international education.

Some of the Bootz Crew headed up to the expo, featuring hundreds of exhibitors, including educational institutions, product providers and service providers. If you’re interested in educational touring, volunteering or studying abroad, there’s a company that can help you do it. Plus, there’s host of other services that will be more than happy to take your money as well. A few of them are listed below.

Protect yourself on the road! These guys can have you covered – from medical insurance to repatriation to emergency evacuation.
Beta Insurance: Offers low-cost supplemental insurance for Evacuation and Repatriator for those who are already medically insured.
International Educational Exchange Services: These guys do claims in-house, which they think provides better insurance for their customers, who receive premiums based on the member of their group – not a one-size fits all policy.
HTH Worldwide: A well-known distributor of health insurance.
The Lewer Agency, Inc.: In business for 14 years, but couldn’t tell me why they were different from other insurance providers besides that fact. Only work with groups.
On Call International: Serves both groups and individuals.
Platform 3000: According to the company prez, it’s the quality that makes them stand out. Around for 5 years, they also offer document assistance, wireless phones and a host of other services.
Somerton: These guys are actually insurance brokers that work with groups only. They manage insurance programs and find the best ones for your group.
Student Resources: Provides student health insurance for those leaving and those coming to the United States.

Credit Evaluators
If you need a foreign transcript translated into As, Bs and Cs, and want a GPA on a 4.0 scale, these are the ones to look to.
ACEI: Provides experiential learning evaluation as well as transcript translation.
American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers: Offer credential evaluation services among a host of many other academic services.
Educational Credential Evaluators: An company focused on credit evaluation.
University of Miami: The second school in the U.S. to offer this service, evaluations performed by study abroad professionals.
World Education Services: Evaluate course by course credits and grades.

Aromedia: Publish study abroad related literature and organize events such as “Scope the Globe” and “Go Global Fair”.
Glimpse Foundation: A nifty non-profit magazine publisher with hopes of providing scholarships in the future.
Global Study Magazine: London-based mag with a tagline of “Essential Guide to Study Abroad”. Includes country profiles and issues related to studying overseas.
Hothouse Media: In addition to publishing Education Travel Magazine (plus many more), the London-based company offers workshops.
International Herald Tribune: Have a Education and Legal Notices Advertising Manager, for those wanting to target specific readers.
Spindle Publishing: Hosts of the International Student Guide to the United States of America. The company hopes to reach students before they’ve decided on what U.S. school – or even region – to study at.

Other Nifty Companies
a2 International Education Fairs: Organizes international fairs in Turkey, of all places.
Air Concepts: Ships your stuff overseas, making sure it’s there when you are.
QS Network: Owners of the Top MBA and Top Graduate tours and websites, promoting overseas advanced study.
Versation: Cool software that allows schools to gather info on students interested in studying abroad.
Windstar Technologies: Software developed for large corporations worried about immigration issues and international tax.

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