Nature Escapes in Washington DC – Washington DC, USA – Nature Escapes in Washington, DC


I was born in New York, raised in Miami, and have been living in this spectacular cultural den for the past two years.

My decision to become a correspondent is totally selfish; I want to gain travel writing experience before I begin my year long journey through South East Asia.

Hopefully, my article will not only be informative but have personality as I take you on a virtual tour and show you Washington through my eyes (let’s pray my vision is 20/20!).

How it all began:

My love affair with this magnificent city began on a random visit four years ago.

Having returned from Europe the previous year, I was transfixed by the city’s resemblance to Paris.

My eyes were filled with panoramic views of majestic buildings, wide tree-lined avenues and rainbow colored tulips.

Just when I thought I had seen the most beautiful part of Washington, I caught sight of a spectacular cupola rising in the distance – Capitol Hill.

If you are not good at making decisions, Washington will leave you in indecisive limbo.

The monuments are beautiful day and night, with hundreds of fabulous restaurants and a metro that will challenge you to explore even the most hidden treasures.

What’s my favorite thing about DC? Free museums!

Into music? Then catch a free concert at the Kennedy Center.

Into more progressive sounds? Then check out these websites for upcoming concerts and hotspots.

Want to just sit and relax?

Then find your way over to the Washington Monument, plop down your backpack, take out your favorite book and watch the world pass before your eyes.

Washington DC’s resources are endless, and I will do my best to share them all with you.

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Sorry – I refuse to send anyone to a mall other than the
Washington Mall but if you cannot resist the urge should lead you to some shopping


If you have bad knees or are not into walking – here is a
tourmobile site that will take you to all major monuments.
It will cost between $25 – 32 USD, but is worth it if you don’t
have much time to spare.

I want my Internet!!! – hottest new cyber café in Georgetown gives students free computer usage with I.D.
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