Nawlins – New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Why New Orleans
I have always loved to travel. Spring break was approaching and I managed to take my final early to extend my time away.

My grilfriend and I went online to find a cheap last-minute getaway. We agreed to check out New Orleans. I had a desire to help their post-Katrina economy. I like to think of things in an economic perspective – spend money to help people.

About New Orleans (Nawlins)
The locals are great – polite and friendly. They have their own language, Creole. For example, Conti equals Cont-Eye Burgundy, emphasis on the gun (don't say it like the color) and, of course, the famous Pralines (not with an Aye sound more like an ahhh sound Pr-ahh-line. There are two kinds of pralines – the sweet one melts in your mouth, the more chewy are harder to find, but we did at Aunt Sally's, next to Cafe du Monde. Cafe du Monde doesn't have a menu. You wait for coffee, cafe au lait, hot cocoa, and beignettes and that's it.

There are lots of antique shops and too many Mango-Mango bars on Bourbon – five – and they're within eye distance which makes it hard to get your bearings (turn at the Mango-Mango on the corner, which one?). If you want to drink, stay on Bourbon Street and stick to the inside bar and grills. You get more bang for your drinking buck.

Check out the Old Absinthe House. We found only two places open 24 hours in the French Quarter and they happen to be next door to each other – both on Conti off Bourbon – RIO and Deja Vu bar and grill. Both are reasonably priced. For great music, go to the end of the quarter, Marigny area, and head down to Frenchman. There are lots of local acts, you can catch six to eight different ones on a Monday night.

Don't expect fast service. No one is in a rush. No one. Save sovenir shopping for the flea market. They have the same stuff, better prices and you can bargain. Head out to Jefferson Square for card reading -only one person who reads bones. The story I heard was that Fatima (African) wears white stripes on her face and an African headress. I couldn't find her. When I asked about her, I was told the police put her in jail. (She isn't African but a transplant from Oakland, California). Who knows what's true.

Take a culinary tasting tour. It's $40.00 a head, but you sample the finest (and most expensive) Nawlins has in the French Quarter. It takes two to three hours – money well spent, you can easily spend $40.00 on a meal.

I've run out of things to write, but there is plenty to do. Go forth and enjoy.

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