New Delhi, India – Things to Do

India is a paradise for shoppers. From traditional Indian bazaars to modern shopping arcades, India offers splendid buys to suit individual taste and pocket. No matter where you are in the country, you will encounter a bewildering array of shopping options. You could shop for fine brocades, shimmering silks, woolens, cool cottons and a range of other fabrics. There is rich embroidery and mirror work as also an amazing variety of gold and silver jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones, miniature paintings, metal, marble and stone-wares, pottery, jute and bamboo crafts, to choose from.

Wild Watch
India’s wildlife is as magnificent and diverse as the country itself and its people. India currently has around 80 national parks and 441 sanctuaries dotted around the country. While some are inaccessible, many have excellent facilities for visitors. Depending of the area and terrain, wildlife watching provides its own excitement. It may be done from elephant-back, from watch towers, in open jeeps or even on a boat. And, the thrill of spotting herds of wild elephant, deer, rhino or even a tiger in its natural environment is very difficult to match.

Adventure Sports
India’s wide choice of adventure sports ranges from the daring to the exotic. A test of skill, toughness, endurance… and always exciting. Choose your kind of adventure – the perennial challenge of the Himalayas for mountaineers, the coniferous forests and flower meadows for the trekker, the rapids of snow-fed rivers for white water rafting, and the lonely stretches of the Thar desert for camel safaris and motor rallies.