Newfound Friends – Czech Republic Travel Stories

The Czech republic was a great place to travel. I ended up spending about two weeks there, rather than the planned five days.

When I was in Czesky Krumlov, I frequented the touristy tea house, a great place to journal. So one day, I start talking to the girl sitting at the table across the way from me. She’s from Australia; I’m from the US. We both have a lot on our minds and end up having dinner and spilling stories to an open-minded stranger.

Next day, I meander back to the tea house and Leena, my newfound friend, is sitting in the back room smoking a hookah with another girl and two guys. I’ve never met any of these people before. The guys are from North Ireland, and Nickie, the other girl, is from Oregon. We’re smoking this apple tobacco. It’s a mellow and relaxed environment.

Some more chatting and we all decide to go out to dinner. There is a restaurant in CK which was formerly a dungeon (tip from another Aussie hanging out in town). We go there, and he’s there with other travelers from the US, Sweden and Argentina. It ends up being a fairly large international dinner table.

The Irish guys are buying wine and singing Gaelic songs. Everyone is really enjoying the company and trying to remember their national songs. Then, in walks a tough-looking group of Czech soldiers. They sit down at another table – and end up singing Czech national songs. It’s a party. We end up closing out the restaurant. The waiter puts on Elvis. Everyone is dancing. And there are these two British officers there, who have been training the Czech. They come over and sit down with us, one next to me and one next to the drunker of the two North Irish.

Everyone is telling stories, having a good time, and the Brits just keep asking questions, prompting more stories from the Irish. No one thinks twice about it.

The waiter wants to leave, so the party moves to a bar down the street. Actually, the waiter ends up joining us at the bar. But when people start pulling out their cameras, the senior officer will not let us take his picture.

When everyone was sober and met up again the next day at the tea house, we thought about it and put together the pieces. Turns out he was an intelligence officer who had been fighting on the opposite side of our Irish friends, and he was trying to gather information.

The next day, Nickie, Leena and I ended up going hiking in Zell am See together, and the three of us still keep in touch today.