November 2001 – Portland, Oregon Travel Guide

In Portland, summer is over at last. It has been unusually warm; summer temperatures have lasted through the fall. Now the sunshine has finally turned to rain. And oddly I don’t miss the sun.

The laid-back atmosphere of Portland in the winter is comforting. I’ve exchanged my shorts and tee shirts for pants and thick sweaters. After spending so much time outdoors it’s nice to hide out in one of Portland’s many cozy coffee shops, wrap my hands around a warm mocha mug and just stare out the window. I enjoy watching the rhythmic descent of rain while staying warm and dry inside. The Portland rain sets a mood conducive to contemplation and relaxation.

But that doesn’t mean Portland’s social scene slows. In fact the gray skies encourage exploration of Portland’s thriving indoor culture. A visit to the opera, ballet, or theatre is the perfect way to spend a November evening. In the mood for something laidback and inexpensive? Take in a meal and movie at The Mission Theatre. Or grab an umbrella, stroll NW 23rd street and check out the cluster of boutique shops and quaint restaurants.

Portland does not stop to catch its breath before Christmas. From The Wild Arts Festival, to The Oregon Symphony, to The Grotto Shows of Lights, November is jam-packed with exciting events. Click the link for a comprehensive list of events.

Perhaps more than any other city, Portland is living its life in the wake of the national crisis. Even as the anthrax scares creep west Portlanders are sympathetic, but unperturbed. In a world rife with fear, Portland is a haven of peace.

On Halloween night, downtown flooded with ghosts and goblins. Children and adults alike participated. Rain and terrorist threats weren’t even enough to dampen this city’s spirit.


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