One of Toronto’s Awesome Bands – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Artwork by Lily Goldman

One of Toronto’s Awesome Bands

If you should ever travel to Toronto, or perhaps cities in and around the Queen City or even Montréal, you may want to catch a cool group of musicians who call themselves KITCHENMUSIK.

The band has nothing to do with east coast kitchen party music, although Dan Goldman is fond of combining odd combinations of food to create unique vegetarian dishes.
The band’s original two members often found themselves rehearsing in the kitchen, hence the name.

The band consists of five young music school misfits whose talents blend into an inspired brand of eccentric pop. These artists gained their experience with other local Canadian musicians such as Rheostatics, Mia Sheard, Sarah Slean and Kurt Swinghammer among others.

Collectively these musicians are trying to push the pop song idiom as far as it can while still holding the listener’s attention.

“Fans have compared us to Radiohead, Joni Mitchell and Arto Lindsay wrapped into one tightly knit unit,” according to Dan Goldman, who is the band’s singer, guitarist and songwriter.

The band’s debut CD, ARC, was produced by Juno award winner (the Canadian version of the Grammies), Michael Phillip Wojewoda (the producer of Barenaked Ladies, Rheostatics, Jane Siberry). According to Wojewoda, he chose to produce the CD because “they are an amazing ensemble worthy of being heard by a greater audience.”

The musicians strive for lush chords, melodic development, poetic lyrics, and tight presentation. You could probably compare them to the Group of Seven, the famous Canadian artists, in that they are also reaching for similar artistic qualities. They blend a traditional rhythm section with cello and flute and add some unusual effects in order to create music that is full of drama, colour, and extreme contrasts with a slightly surreal twist.

Check out their web site for MP3s and where they are playing next. You can even download a few samples of their music.

KITCHENMUSIK is Dan Goldman (guitar/vocals), Mike Olsen (cello), Ryan Granville Martin (drums), Rob Piilonen (flute) and Paul Mathew (bass).