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An Ormond Beach January Sunrise, circa 7:30

An Ormond Beach January Sunrise, circa 7:30

I’ve written articles on the Daytona Beach area's homes and culture (the links are below), but I know that visitors who come to this area are interested in the beach aspect too. Most people who live at or near the beach probably take it for granted, just as I take the mountains for granted.

I arrived late one January night to Daytona Beach on my way to Ormond Beach. As I came out of the airport, the smell of salt water hit me, ever so gently, even though I was miles from the beachfront. It took me until the next morning to not notice the odor anymore.

Because I do my best to run six miles a day (two daily runs covering three miles each), I ran along the beach. The following pictures show you what kind of things I found interesting during my beach combing.

Distant Clouds

Distant Clouds

Whenever I look out onto the ocean towards the horizon, it seems that even when the sky is clear, there are always distant clouds on the horizon.

Fallen Moons
As I was running on Ormond Beach’s hard-packed sand, I noticed these things washing up on the shore en masse. I was curious as to what they were, but the people I asked couldn’t give me a satisfactory answer. Only after getting in touch with local preservation officials, did I find out these are Moon Jellyfish.

Moon Jellyfish aren’t strong swimmers. When the wind is blowing from the east, they wash ashore. I must have seen hundreds of these jellyfish on the shores of Ormond Beach. If you pick one up, you are liable to get stung, though it’s purported to be basically mild for most folks. I did notice a few people coming from their beachfront homes to pick them up, I didn’t ask them why.

Footprints in the Sand Chased with Crushed Shells

Footprints in the Sand Chased with
Crushed Shells

Footprints in the Sand
I came upon many footprints in the sand while running, but these made me think of that famous poetic verse “Footprints In The Sand” that you see on greeting cards. One of my first jobs took place at a Hallmark greeting card store, so this photo brought back memories of that time.

I don’t get to the beach often enough, but I do consider it a nice treat when I do!

Roy’s Travel Tips
I want to tell you about a beach-related product called the Lightload Towel. It makes for a great beach towel, even though it’s only five ounces in weight. It folds up compactly (about the size of two donuts), compared to traditional beach towels.

Daytona Beach’s area public transport is called The VOTRAN. It will get you to the beachfront

Daytona Beach Tourism

You can read my first two articles on Daytona Beach here and here.

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