Exploring the Outdoors in British Columbia

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How much do you know about travel in British Columbia, Canada?

When planning a trip and deciding where to go and what to do, have you ever considered planning your trip around mountains and outdoor adventures? For independent travelers, Canada offers a wealth of possibilities, particularly in British Columbia. How about a world class city nestled between mountains and ocean? Do you like solitude in the outdoors amongst amazing scenery? Do you enjoy adrenaline fueled activities in mountains, rivers, and forests? The truth is that British Columbia, Canada truly does have it all, and if you’re looking for a naturally beautiful destination for your next trip, no matter how big or small, British Columbia has you covered. They have put together a list of great trip ideas to help plan your next getaway.


Outdoor adventure on Vancouver Island

Big trees. Big mountains. Big waves. Vancouver Island has it all, boasting some stunning natural landscapes, plus it’s just two hours by ferry from the mainland of British Columbia. It has a plethora of super-sized outdoor adventures to go along with it. Here’s a tiny sampling of what to expect:


  • Test your mettle by hiking the West Coast Trail, a rugged, week-long 47-mile (75-km) hike on the island’s wild western shore.
  • Ever dreamed of seeing the ocean’s biggest attraction? Head to Telegraph Cove to spot some whales – you will have the chance to see orcas, minkes, and humpback whales in this historic fishing village. And summer is a great time to see many of them!
  • Whales aren’t the only wildlife on offer in Vancouver Island, Get up close and personal with otters, seals, and various birdlife as you glide through the waters by kayak of Gulf Islands National Park Reserve off the island’s eastern shore.

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Tofino and Ucluelet


If you’re looking for a surfing adventure, make your way to Tofino and Ucluelet on Vancouver Island’s west coast. These funky seaside villages, bracketing the magnificent Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, are Canada’s surfing hot spots. Catch the perfect wave in the perfect setting in Tofino, as you can ride big (or little) Pacific swells. If you’ve never surfed, no problem, as there are a variety of local surf schools to teach you. Once you’ve had your fill of adventure, stroll along a wide, wave-tossed beach or polish off a day of adventure with an oceanside spa treatment or dinner overlooking the surf.

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Photo credits: J.A. Kraulis, Josh McCulloch/All Canada Photos, JF Bergeron