Outdoors in Phoenix, Arizona

Tree huggers, weekend warriors, athletes, and adventurers all go crazy over the rugged landscape of Arizona, and the variety of climates the state has to offer. From the desert in the south, to the pine trees of the north, with mountains and canyons everywhere, you’re sure to find something physical to get into.

The biggest attraction in Arizona, the Grand Canyon, is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, amazing for hiking, and camping, as well as helicopter tours.

South of the Canyon, you’ll find Flagstaff, home of Northern Arizona University, and a great spot to cool off during the summer months, or ski during the winter. Flagstaff is only about 2 hours north of Phoenix, but with the cooler weather and pine forests, the climates are worlds apart.

Sedona is another superb spot to do some hiking or camping. It is famous for it’s stunning red rock mountains, and is a mecca for artists, healers, and new age types, who believe – like the Native Americans indigenous to the area – that the rocks hold some kind of mystical energy.

In Phoenix, Camelback Mountain or Squaw Peak are the two hikes to conquer with great views of the city from the top. Just make sure to take lots of water with you, of course.

If you’re looking for a more laid back way to get some sun, you could try your hand at one of the almost 200 golf courses in the Phoenix area. Too mellow for you? Try driving south of the city for some great skydiving.

We’ve got it all, so, what are you sitting around for? Get out there and do something people!

Here’s some general info to get you acquainted.

From Phoenix, it’s a 4 hour to drive north to the Grand Canyon, and 4 hours south to Rocky Point, Mexico. Also, a one hour flight will take you to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or San Diego, CA., for about $80 if you book in advance.

Phoenix is extremely spread out, and public transport is quite limited. Unless you have a friend to cart you around, you could try renting a car,($20-$40) per day, or, if you find accommodation in downtown Tempe or Scottsdale, there’s lots to do within walking distance.

Sadly, there’s only one hostel in Phoenix, and it’ s a bit dodgy (the neighborhood is downright scary). Plus, it’s nowhere near anything to see or do. I’d honestly avoid it at all costs – try to find a cheap hotel, like the Days Inn at Fashion Square Mall, Scottsdale. Unbeatable location – and it’s about $40(off season) per room (2 double beds) – not bad, especially if you’re in a group.

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