Peru – Part Seiso (6)

Aguas Caliente, Peru.

September 2, 1999.

Dear All…

This will perhaps be the strangest email you receive from our voyage in Peru. Stephanie and I are literally at the base of Macchu Piccu in a town called Aguas Caliente. To our complete surprise, there is an internet cafe here with 3 computers.

The only reason we are writing is because the cafe is directly opposite the railway station. Apparently, the strike will not happen again today. As a result, the tourists are up at Macchu Piccu and the town is now empty.

Prices at Macchu Piccu are phenomenally high. A 25 minute bus ride up to the top of the Macchu Picchu mountain is almost 7 bucks. Absolutely ridiculous. Our fairly awful hotel with mosquitoes is over 30 bucks (our most expensive hotel yet). We are in a very isolated area.

The camping trip was fantastic! Completely and utterly amazing. Over

gorgeous jungle trails with waterfalls and other Incan ruins. We awoke our last day at 4 in the morning and trekked to watch the sunrise at Macchu Piccu. Believe what you hear from others who have seen this wonder. It is unforgettable and magical and mystical. Our group of 7 consisted of young, nice, very fit travelers. We all quickly bonded and enjoyed the experience.

Unfortunately our guide spoke English not too well. We could not understand much of what came out of his mouth.

Best to all.

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