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5 Trip Ideas Centered Around Europe

Here at BootsnAll, we focus on two new travel topics each month:

1. A practical part of long-term travel planning.

2. Focus on a certain region of the world.

In April, we’ve been focusing on educating travelers about airfare options for your big trip, along with a focus on travel in Europe.

There are lots of companies to shop for and purchase airfare for a trip. But Indie, BootsnAll’s multi-country flight finder, still remains the easiest tool to use to build, price, and book a multi-stop trip completely online, no matter how short or long that trip is.

If you’re planning a big trip and Europe is at the center of it, check out the following five trip ideas to help get you started.

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Travel England and France

Europe lends itself perfectly to short trips as well as longer ones. If you only have a week or two, you can fly into one major city, travel around overland by train or bus and make your way to another major destination, then head home from there.

Europe for a Month

Have a little longer? What could you do with a month in Europe? How about flying into Paris, making your way around France, Germany, and Denmark overland, then heading back home?

46 Days, 5 Countries

If you want to see as much as you can, it’s possible to combine flying with overland travel like this trip. Head to London, travel overland to Paris and Amsterdam, then fly down to Athens before making your way to Lisbon on your way back home. Enough time to see a lot of different countries and cultures without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Explore the World

Looking to add Europe as part of a longer trip? There are plenty of us who have been planning big trips of more than a few weeks or a month, and adding Europe to a longer, RTW trip is something that many dream of. Check out this 3-month trip idea that includes over a month in Europe before a jaunt in Egypt to see the Pyramids, then a month in India, followed up by some time in Hong Kong.

Epic RTW

If you really want to do it up right, then check out this epic RTW trip that takes advantage of the overland possibilities in Europe. Fly into Madrid, then overland it all the way to Istanbul before moving on to see the rest of the world.

If Europe is on your travel wish list, then check out the following articles and resources to help you get on the road!

Photo credits: Anna Omelchenko, Romolo Tavani