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Poland Travel Facts

The Basics

Country: Poland

Where is it: Poland is located in central Europe, east of Germany

Why do people go here: Warsaw, like Berlin, is a totally modern city developed after WWII. Those interested in history, and even those who failed the subject, are drawn to the documention of the destruction the Second World War brought to Poland.

What are the main entry points: Germany and the Czech Republic feed most of the traffic into Poland’s large cities, mountains and seaside areas.

Currency used: Zloty

Country Code for Phones: 48

Area codes for Major Cities: Warsaw 22

Religion: Roman Catholic 95% (about 75% practicing), Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, and other 5%

Population: 38.6 million

Ethnic Breakdown: Polish 97.6%, German 1.3%, Ukrainian 0.6%, Belarusian 0.5%

Government: Republic

Languages: Polish

Travel Information

Major Cities: Warsaw

Attractions: Baltic Sea, Historical Camps, Warsaw

Accommodation: Poland Hostels, Poland Hotels

Tourism Office locations and links: Poland Orbis Head Office ul. Bracka 16 Warsaw, Poland +48-22-260271; //

Off-the-Beaten-Path: Cemetery in Zakopane, Town Museum of Zamosc, Castle Ruins of Torun

Health Issues: No vaccines are required to enter Poland

Tips for Visiting

When to go: Late spring offers warmer temperatures, but without the crowds

Common Phrases: Yes = Tak, No = Nie, Please = Prosze, Thank you = Dziekuje

Specific Events/Holidays: Constitution Day, 3 May (1791)

Getting Around: Buses go where the trains don’t

Good to know: Poland ranks as the 34th most populated city in the world.

Cheapest airport to fly into: The cheapest airport to fly into Poland is the Warsaw Chopin airport.

Need more information?: Check out the Poland travel guide for more on what to see, where to stay, and how to get there.