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Monthly Updates

Ice Fishing 101
The concept of ice fishing seemed ludicrous to Sue Echlin, until she tried it for the first time. She warns there are some fishing puns in this article.

Sure Signs of Autumn: Ghosts, Geese and Rodeo Clowns
Who has time to worry about the coming winter with top-notch rodeo action, more birds than you ever thought existed, and of course new stories of ghostly happenings?

Prayers for the Global Tribe
Life in the Prairie Provinces can feel isolated from the rest of the world. However, events from Sept. 11 show that to be false. Sue Echlin sends a message of hope and support to all the citizens of the world who support peace.

Hiding-Out, Prairie-Style
Butch Cassidy, Al Capone, and Sitting Bull have all paid visits to the Prairie Provinces as a place to ease the heat from the authorities to the south.

Exploring a Proud Heritage
The Prairie Provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba provide perhaps the best opportunity in North America for travelers to come into contact with First Nations peoples in both a traditional and modern context.


Related Articles

Getting Here
The Prairie Provinces are very accessible whether you’re travelling by air, train or road. Just don’t be panicked by the lack of people and abundance of nature.

City Guides
Sue Echlin gives you plenty of options for sleeping, eating and drinking in Saskatchewan’s largest city.

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