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The BIG Journey Around the World
A Provisional Itinerary for 2002

In 1999 I was very lucky to be able to travel around the world. Quite by accident I visited some wonderful places most that I thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately due to time restraints and personal commitments I was unable to dwell in some of the memorable places I visited. I also learned about other wonderful destinations, which I yearned to visit. I made a promise to myself that I would do it all again. This time more thoroughly. Well, the time for all the talk is nearly/finally over.

Early in 2002, I plan to embark on a huge round-the-world trip. This time I am researching and planning this thing properly.

Read on here to find out how I am getting on. As I continue to plan this trip I will post any further developments and pitfalls as they happen. Eventually, once I depart, I hope to regularly post travelogue updates from the road. This is primarily to keep family and friends informed of my whereabouts and what I am getting up to. Of course anyone who finds these anecdotes interesting are welcome to read along, I hope you find them enjoyable. All feedback is welcome so feel free to email me at

The Plan So Far
Be sure to check back here regularly, as those of you who have experience planning RTW trips will know that “the plan” changes often, and has even changed an number of times whilst I was writing this.

October 2001 Update – It seems as soon as I finish revising this article ready to post, some new developments occur and I have add some more updates. What a nightmare.

In March 2001, I was offered a good working assignment in London. I saw this as one last opportunity to earn pounds. Within 9 months I hope to have earned and saved enough money to cover my financial commitments for about a year and have enough be able to undertake this trip around the world.

I do plan to “dove tail” (the travel agent used that term, not me) a trip around South Africa with my good friends, Mark and Dave, during December 2001. I would like to say that this is going to be the Africa leg of the RTW journey. That would be cheating as that trip will be enable me to get back to my family and friends for Christmas and New Year before I disappear of in to big blue yonder.

I was going to stay in South Africa until mid-February then return to Europe. Now, I love the sun and the beaches but I am also a keen snowboarder, albeit not that good. I hope to have enough time in February to be able to arrange a long weekend of snowboarding somewhere in Europe.

Update October 2001 – I have been asked to return from South Africa in January and finish of some work in London for a month. Although not ideal, the extra funds will come in handy.

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