Re-imagining Higher Education

Have you ever felt or thought, “Is this it?”

Is this my highest and best purpose?

Especially when you were young, did you ever feel like formal education missed the boat on guiding you and getting you attain the skills to happiness and riches?

I did. Most of my higher education was semi-interesting, but not directed in a way to help me figure out a path. I felt like it was the path I “should” take versus the one I wanted to.

Is picking a major at college/university the most efficient way to pick your best professional path in life?

What about some life skills?

If you were, or know someone that is, frustrated with the current offering, I’d like to invite you to join me in:

Reimagine Education with the Wayfinding Academy

Co-founded by Dr. Michelle Jones, the Wayfinding Academy will provide a 2 year college credit experience for young people to help them find a way that makes sense before taking that next step, whatever that might be.

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend with her and dig into the concept, as well as her background. Michelle and her team are BIGTIME go-getters. They’ve been involved in higher education for decades and they’re not waiting anymore.


It’s time to reinvent.

I personally donated $6,000 to the Wayfinding academy indieigogo campaign.

Will you join me in helping give this idea a chance? If you can donate 2 days of coffee for $10 bucks, or or you have the resources to plunk down $100,000+ – please consider and act.

10 reasons to give 10 bucks or $100,000+ to the Wayfinding Academy

1) You trust BootsnAll, or Sean Keener, I think trust transfers to Michelle and her team. I don’t give away trust to just anyone.

2) You believe that College and University Education is in need of reimagining and disruption.

3) You believe in creating more options for more young people.

4) You’re not a robot. The old paradigm of education was created to pump out factory workers. The Wayfinding Academy produces new positive disruptors for the next generation.

5) I wish I had the Wayfinding Academy to go to when I graduated. Maybe you do to. Give the next generation this chance

6) Someone will build this. Why not now? Why not Dr. Michelle Jones and team?

7) Dr. Michelle Jones accomplishes great things. She was the central co-ordinator of Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit since it’s 1st year. This is an AWESOME conference. She has left WDS to pursue the Wayfinding Academy full-time.

8) Michelle is worth it. She is an entrepreneur hidden inside of a Dr. She has life hacked her life to make the Wayfinding Academy happen. She lives in a Tiny House. She lives simply and is ready for several years of no salary to make this academy happen. She is worth investing in.

9) You believe there is a better way and you are cool with donating at least $10 to give it a go.

10) Have you ever met someone who you just knew, what going to “make it” no matter what? I have a few times in my life. Michelle is one of these unique people.

Watch their video and give now.