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Restaurants & Eateries

One of the most valid reasons for visiting Ashland is the food. The town and surrounding area are thick with restaurants ranging from sub par to sublime, with a heap more toward the sublime end of the scale. Listed below are a handful of favorites in no particular order. The list only hints at what is available in and around Ashland so be sure to check back for updates.

Be forewarned that all of Oregon is not tax-free: Ashland has a 5% food tax in town. Sometimes it is incorporated into the prices other times it is not, but the menu (or your server) should let you know.

The Black Sheep
51 N. Main Street – Ashland
Hours: 11am-1am Daily
Open the bright red door, ascend the steep staircase and when you reach the top you’ll be in England. Well, not exactly. What you do come upon is a proper English pub serving Guinness straight from the tap and fish n’ chips with a side of peas hot from the kitchen. In addition to its more authentic English fare, the Black Sheep also offers house specialties such as grilled Szechwan tofu (vegetarians are looked after), and pernod herb cream chicken. The atmosphere is relaxed and conducive to conversation; tall windows of old glass invite the sun in, soft couches face a big stone hearth and the coolest music is always playing in the background. Whether you are looking for a substantial supper, a well stocked bar or simply a spot of tea, make the climb to the Black Sheep. It’s worth every step.
Pub grub runs $5-10. Entrees $10-20.

Kat Wok
62 E. Main St. – Ashland
Hours: Dinner Monday-Sunday starting at 5pm. Lunch Wednesday-Sunday 11:30am-2:30pm
The Kat Wok is the place to go for sushi in Ashland. Walk through the door and you are confronted by a long bar. Along this bar chefs roll seaweed and dab wasabi while silhouetted against the leaping flames of an active kitchen. As the flames hint, sushi is not the only thing on the menu. Spicy curries and grilled meats are presented nicely and in good portions. Vegetarians will find a dish or two on the menu and adjustments can be made, to the dishes not the vegetarians. Seating is not limited to the sushi bar; cozy booths line the wall and a suspended upstairs provides additional room. Don’t forget, Kat Wok is also a nightclub, so come back and dance off dinner. Entrees $15-20. Sushi $5-17.

Senor Sam’s Mexican Grill
1634 Ashalnd St. – Ashland
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am-9:30pm, Sunday 8am-9pm
Locations also in Talent and Medford
Senor Sam’s is a local favorite. The reason? Huge portions of good food for little cash. Patrons also get to direct the construction of their meals as their server moves from one component to the next. Though Sam’s has an extensive menu, the mammoth burritos and towering nachos rank at the top of the list. Vegetarians are not just an afterthought and will be pleased with the selection, especially the spicy tofu. Sam’s is now open early, providing their colossal burritos in a breakfast version. Prices $4-8.

Bangkok’s Benny
310 N. Pacific Hwy. – Talent
Hours: Monday-Thursday 11:30am-9pm Friday 11:30-8pm
Bangkok’s Benny is a unique experience not to be missed. The business is the result of the union of a singlewide trailer with a house, or more specifically the enclosed front porch of a house. Do not be deterred. Bravely step through the screen door, step up to the trailer, place your order, and you will be rewarded by freshly cooked Thai cuisine that is simply amazing! A point to remember: this is a one-woman operation so have patience. Her sign says "no grumpy people," and probably means it. Meals $6-9

Standing Stone Brewing Co.
101 Oak St. – Ashland
Hours: 11:30am-late Daily
Standing Stone
No mistaking this place does its own brewing; big stainless tanks sprouting pipes and dials give it away as soon as you walk through the door. And they do make a fine brew, actually six of them, ranging from a light cream ale to a hearty barley wine. Tasting trays are offered so the unsure or curious can sample all six flavors. The Standing Stone is also a restaurant with an extensive menu and casual atmosphere. Seating stretches from the bar in front to a large shaded patio in the rear, and the interior is well lit by large windows year round. Menu items range from salads and sandwiches to barbequed chicken and ribs. Their wood-fired pizzas are a favorite; unique toppings are strewn on thin crusts made of spent grain from the brewing process. Live music plays Saturday through Monday in the afternoon and evenings. Meals $5-14

Apple Cellar Bakery and Rotisserie
2255 Highway 66 – Ashland
Hours: 6:30am-9pm 362 days a year
The Apple Cellar is pastry heaven; croissants, turnovers, twists and scones lie in perfect rows behind the glass. Cookies, pies and cakes fill the cases to the right. Loaves of fresh baked bread are stacked on shelves behind the counter. If it can be baked, you will likely find it here. This is a great place to start the day with a cup of coffee and a paper, lots of seating, nice lighting and a friendly staff. It is also a good choice for lunch or dinner. The "Blueplate" meals are a great deal, and are served for both meals. They include an entrée choice, one side, and bread for $6.95 and $8.95 respectively. Gourmet salads and sandwiches are also a tantalizing option. Pastries $.65-2.95 Salads $2.40-6.50 (depending on size and type)

Wiley’s World Pasta Shoppe & Eatery
1606 Ashland St. – Ashland
Hours: 11am-9pm Daily
This is not your standard pasta place, not by a long shot. This is pasta taken to the next level! Raviolis filled with roasted garlic and Gorgonzola, or with butternut squash and walnuts! How about your choice of noodles covered with spicy Thai peanut sauce or basil walnut pesto? Whatever the choice it’s hard to go wrong. The portions are well-sized and include salad and delicious bread. Dinners $8-11 Lunches $6-9

Morning Glory
1149 Siskiyou Blvd. – Ashland
Across from SOU
Hours: 8am-2pm Daily
Morning Glory
Famous for their amazing breakfast menu, Morning Glory is always busy but it is worth the wait. The restaurant specializes in unique scrambles and omelets that incorporate delectable filings such as apple wood bacon and caramelized onions to create a breakfast masterpiece. A nice selection of waffles and pancakes provides ample possibilities for vegetarians. Rich coffee served in huge cups rounds out the experience and makes it difficult to leave. Though a bit more spendy that other breakfast places in town the portions here are huge, often folks will share a scramble, which adds a buck to the price but makes the meal manageable. They also serve tasty soups and sandwiches for lunch, but breakfast is where it’s at. Breakfast $5-12 Lunch $5-13.

50 E. Main St. – Ashland
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday from 5:30pm
Prepare to be waited on hand and foot. Service is paramount at this top-end restaurant and combined with the exquisite food makes for a memorable evening. Dining at Chateaulin can be an expensive endeavor with entrees starting around $18. A reasonable way to enjoy this establishment is to order from the Prix Fixe menu, which changes weekly but offers a three course dinner with two glasses of wine for $29.95 per person. The weekly offerings are displayed outside the restaurant and on their Website. If this is out your price range, consider stopping in for dessert and coffee, a frequent local activity, the deserts are amazing and are perfect for sharing. Wine connoisseurs will be happy to know Chateaulin keeps well over 100 wines on hand!

272 E. Main St. – Ashland
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-8pm Friday-Saturday 11am-9pm
Specializing in wraps and grilled focaccia sandwiches, Pangea offers some of Ashland’s most unique meal ideas. A favorite here is the Drunken Barbeque sandwich with grilled chicken, roast peppers, onions and mozzarella cheese. They also serve salads, soups and smoothies. Pangea makes a point to cater not only to vegetarians but to vegans as well, just let them know your dietary needs. Located right on Main Street, Pangea is a great place to sit and watch the town go by. Prices $6-9

Brother’s Restaurant
95 N. Main St. – Ashland
Hours: 7am-2pm Daily
Located just north of the Plaza in downtown Ashland Brother’s restaurant is a great place to get an excellent breakfast or lunch. The two story establishment serves breakfast items ranging from a bagel with cream cheese to Sockeye salmon scramble and nearly everything between. The lunch menu is extensive and offers sandwiches, burritos and salads as well as house specialties. Breakfast $5-10. Lunch $7-12

The Natural Café
358 E. Main St. – Ashland
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10pm
A big Buddha greets people as they enter this delightful eatery. Wood floors and hanging plants help create the warm atmosphere. The menu is vast, a dozen salad choices, stacks of sandwiches, loads of pasta plates and a slew of entrees! Need time to decide, start with an appetizer. In addition to the numerous food choices, the caf&#eacute; also offers a variety of smoothies. During the warm months outside seating is plentiful and a good location to people watch. Prices $4-9

India’s Kitchen
970 N. Phoenix Rd. #101 – Medford
Hours: Lunch 11am-2:30pm Dinner 4:30pm-9:30pm Daily
A recent addition to the valley India’s Kitchen is making its mark by providing good value and excellent service. The dishes are prepared to personal taste, mild, medium or spicy on a scale of one-to-ten. All entrees include delicious rice with a mild coconut flavor and Nan, the traditional Indian flat bread. The creamy sauced Kurma dishes are superb as are the Aloo Tikki appetizers made with potatoes and home-made cheese. Entrees $9-19. Lunch buffet $7.95

Porky’s Pride Real Pit BBQ
317 E. Main St. – Medford
Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 6:30am-9pm
Porky’s is serious barbeque, a look at the menu reveals meat and little else. They stick to what they know. The meats, pulled pork, beef brisket, hot links, ribs or chicken are served in jaw dropping amounts drizzled in fantastic sauces. They come in "meatwiches" or just piled on a plate. Platters come with garlic mashers, baked beans and a biscuit. They also serve breakfast, try their casserole style French toast stuffed with bacon, cream cheese and syrup! If you love barbeque then run, don’t walk, to Porky’s Pride. Breakfast $3-6. Lunch/Dinner $5-17.

Ashland Food Cooperative
237 N. 1st St. – Ashland
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am-9pm Sunday 9am-9pm
Ashland Food Cooperative
A short walk from downtown the Ashland Co-op is a full service natural foods store with an extensive deli offering sandwiches, soups and salads. The Co-op is a good place to gather the makings for a picnic lunch or supplies for a weekend adventure.



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