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Rio de Janeiro – Great Links

Click on any of the links below to visit some other great resources for Rio de Janeiro. Each link will open into a fresh browser window. Use this site to translate those Portuguese web pages. Don’t expect miracles.

English Sites
A wealth of information on Rio in English.
A homepage on Brazil in general. A personalized view, one of the best sites on Brazil.

An excellent online magazine on things Brazilians, with special attention to culture.
Brazilian music with lots of music links and information.

The Brazilian Sound
Another useful music site.

The Villa-Lobos Museum
The site for those in interested in Brazil’s great classical composer.

Rio Hiking
Denise Werneck, a born and bred Carioca, runs these hiking tours that give you the opportunity to get to know Rio’s greener side first-hand. She runs four great tours: Tijuca Forest, Corcovado, Sugarloaf, and Pedra da Gavea. Some of these include an optional add-on of Santa Teresa. Denise offers a wealth of knowledge on Rio, speaks perfect English, and has some great tips on after-hours partying to boot.

Rio Custom Tours
Steve Yolen, a long-time American resident of Rio, in conjunction with Maria L�cia, his Brazilian wife, operates this company which specializes in custom tours of Rio as well as offering a corporate relocation service. Their knowledge of Rio in all its aspects is extensive, so look them up if you’re seeking an insider’s look at this fascinating city. Additionally, if you happen to be in the process of relocation (some lucky ones are chosen), they offer some very useful services, such as finding housing and negotiating rental contracts. In case you think these things are easy in Rio, take it from the Rioranger. This ain’t Kansas.

Portuguese Sites

O Globo
O Globo online, Rio’s biggest daily newspaper.

Jornal do Brasil

Jornal do Brasil online, O Globo’s competition.
Brazilian search engine – try the Aqui! link at the bottom for news and miscellany.

Agenda do Samba & Choro
A superb music site with details of musical events in Rio and other cities. Heaps of information in Portuguese. Links to other sites, including some in English.
A Brazilian surf site.

A very useful site for your travel plans in Brazil if you can negotiate Portuguese. The official site of the Rodovi�ria Novo Rio, the city’s central bus depot, it offers information on destinations, prices, and travel times for all the bus lines that serve Rio. In a puzzling omission, they have left out exact schedules here on the new and improved site! Hopefully this will change soon.

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