SoBe Moon Party – Miami, Florida

SoBe Moon Party
Miami, Florida

If you find yourself in, or around, the South (Miami) Beach area, then it’s definitely worth it to attend a “Moon Party.” If you’re in Miami, Florida and haven’t, what are you waiting for? Go find one now. And if you’re leaving the Florida region before you can attend one, find a way to stay the few extra days and attend one because you won’t find anything else like it.

Granted the clubs are a major part of SoBe, but how many times can you go to Ocean Drive and eat at the same restaurants? Or, go to the same clubs? Not that often. I know because I’ve gone to the same clubs for two weeks straight, and boy, do they get boring fast. If you have been to a moon party or not, it’s an experience all its own and should not be missed.

Whether you’re looking for a good group of people to hang out with and tell some amazing stories, or you’re there just for the hell of it, then you’re in for some good music. Bongos and guitars are passed around the circle of people so that everyone joins in on the fun, whether you know how to play or not. As well as good people; beer and drugs; sex (optional). Ok, I’m making it sound like an orgy when it’s not, it’s just a great gathering of people from all over the world having a great time.

The last time I attended they had beer, drugs, naked girls and guys. A huge bonfire, and people were tribal dancing, fire breathing, and fire twirling. All while I had a bottle of beer in one hand and my free arm wrapped around a girl. I’m not a drug user myself but I’m sure it makes the party even more hyped. There was also a group of people some 50 yards from me, raving away with a glow stick in each hand while listening to Electronic music.

What’s great about the moon party is that you can bring a date, a wife or husband, and age doesn’t matter to anyone there. I also suggest that you bring your own beer and make sure it’s bought before 11 p.m. SoBe prohibits the sale of alcohol after 11pm.

If you find yourself going to a Moon Party with someone or meet someone there and don’t want to be around all that hustle and bustle just take him/her by the hand and walk a hundred feet in any direction for a romantic and secluded spot on the beach. Then prop yourself down with him/her and have at it. Just remember that the world is over populated as it is, so just take precautions.

I didn’t give a date for the parties because there is not a set date. Just grab the Miami Herald, check the weather report and look for the scheduled full moon. That’s the date that you look for the Bongos on the beach.

It’s a great time and the only drawback is that it only comes once a month. All I have to say is: Don’t miss it for anything.