Soul Surfer in Europe #11: Indiana

June 12th
I finally made it to Indiana. I had a great time on the bus though. I met a girl from Manchester, England who is backpacking through the States for the summer. For the life of me I can’t figure out why someone would want to do that here but I guess the grass always looks greener on the other side.

My parents just received my employment package from Yellowstone national park. I can’t believe all the things they offer – dances, hiking, white water rafting, fly fishing, photography classes, darkroom classes, skydiving, 3 on 3 basketball, and trips into town for museums and shopping. They also have a coffee house to chill in.

Everyone back in Texas eat your heart out!!!! I’ll be in the Tetons sipping a mocha and jumping out of planes and reeling in trout soon! Not real sure where my next stop after that will be. Probably back to Europe for the Cannabis Cup in November.

June 17th
These are my last few days here. I catch the Greyhellhound bus Monday – final destination Yellowstone!

I have had a great time here in Indiana seeing relatives and watching the Pacers.

I am really looking forward to Yellowstone park!

I’ve decided I will leave there October 17th and head back to Europe. This time I will start in Amsterdam (of course) and, hopefully before Christmas, end up in southern Italy. All depends on what happens in Amsterdam! As you all know Amsterdam is the garden of Eden of the 90’s!

This time in Yellowstone will be good to figure some things out and do some soul searching. Who knows I may even figure out the meaning of life!…yeah right!

Indiana isn’t much of an exciting place but I enjoy it because my family is here. Indiana is a small town state. Today I went to Shelburn, Indiana where there is only one policeman and everyone knows everyone. Gives you a chance to relax and get ready for your next stop.

One thing I have learned about traveling is that it’s highly addictive. It’s become a way of life for me already. Gives you a sense of independence and a chance to expand your knowledge of people and places.

Well guys, I’m gone. I’ll update again once I reach Jellystone!!!!