Sri Lanka – on a Corporate Budget – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – on a Corporate Budget

Sri Lanka

I’m leaving again for Sri Lanka in 2 weeks. This will be my 3rd work trip there. Of course, when I go it’s business class flying with champagne, soft pillows and 5 star hotels. The benefits of flying corporate!

Flying into Sri Lanka is the worst part. The smell and the beggars waiting outside are overwhelming. I wouldn’t recommend any female flying into Sri Lanka by herself. Always have your hotel send a car and make sure they have a sign.

Sri Lanka is much like India in culture, food, clothing and what they sell. Any gem stone is available. Cheap! Most of the South African diamonds are sent to Sri Lanka for cutting. Any cut, or color (black, pink, blue), of diamond is available. Most Indians will buy their diamonds in Sri Lanka and have them set back in their own country since gold and silver are a little cheaper there.

The food can kill you with the spiciness. Bring tums. My favorite foods are butter naan (bread), rice pudding desserts and gelato filled with pistachios. Just a warning, we got stopped in customs (Seattle) because my co-worker had brought back packaged (powder) soup mixes and spices.

Elephant Ride
Elephant Ride
Some of the things to see are the tea fields, the elephant reserve and resort hotels. On one trip we went to a beautiful resort on the beach. Picture a huge pool overlooking the beach, a sunken bar and me with my cocktail filled coconut floating in front of me. No one seemed to care that I was swimming in my underwear and bra. The sun must shine differently in Sri Lanka because the sunburn on my ears turned black. We found a place down the beach giving elephant rides for $5 US. I also got offers of marriage from many of the locals.

Tuk tuk rides are fun, for about 5 minutes, before the air pollution gets to you. I suggest taxis, but bring a sweater. The air will be hot, humid and horrible outside and inside the taxi it’ll be below freezing.

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