Street Maps & Bike Maps – Where to Find One – Eugene, Oregon

Street Maps & Bike Maps


So, in reading this handy-dandy website you have found a surplus of fun and exciting things to do while visiting Eugene. You have hiking spots to visit, restaurants to try, a coffee shop you want to get wired at and a bar you hope to get a little fuzzy in later tonight. Fantastic!

Now all you have to do is get to these places and enjoy. So, you look up the address, get your stuff together and you’re out the door into the languid gloom of a promising Eugene day. You aren’t worried about the weather, you have heard about this infamous rain and you already know the bark is far worse than the bite around here.

Alas, as you are standing there outside you hotel room, hostel, friend’s house, tent or whatever accommodations you have arranged for yourself, you realize there is a problem: you have no idea where you are going. As this thought sinks in you realize something even more debilitating: you have no idea where you are.

So you might be able to figure out that your feet are firmly planted on the parking lot of the Phoenix Inn on Franklin Boulevard or some other Eugene location, but what does this really mean? Where is campus, Spencer’s Butte, the 5th Street Public Market or that great tomato-cheese soup place you read about? You don’t want to have to do it, but you know you need to… it is time to locate a map.

The love/hate relationship Americans have with maps is an elusive notion. Why wouldn’t someone want to know where they are going? It seems everyone wants to have the answers and no one wants to ask the questions. What’s more is the romanticized notion of feeling at home wherever you are, or having traveled to many places and never having been a tourist. The map is like the flashing red tourist sign blinking overhead and has become a phobia to many a curious wanderer. We must put these ridiculous ideas aside. The map is your friend and unless you have GPS installed in your brain it is the only way you are effectively and efficiently going to get where you want to go.

So now with your feet freshly planted on the lush Eugene ground your first mission is to find a guide. Since you don’t have a map to help you find a location to get a map, you may have to extend yourself to asking someone. Don’t worry, people around here are notoriously friendly; it must be something in the rain clouds. Here are some places where you can find that foldable friend that will get you pointed in the right direction. Most gas stations and hotel front desks will have what you are looking for, or at least be able to point you in the right direction. Enjoy!

Where to Find Street Maps
Grocery Stores

  • Albertson’s
    • 3075 Hilyard Street; (541) 687-1742
    • 311 Coburg Road; (541) 342-7635
    • 1675 West 18th Avenue; (541) 485-7072
  • Market of Choice
    • 2858 Willamette Street; (541) 338-8455
    • 1960 Franklin Boulevard; (541) 687-1188
  • Safeway
    • 145 East 18th Avenue; (541) 485-3664
    • 1500 Coburg Road; (541) 344-8462
  • Kiva, 125 West 11th Avenue (next to the bus station); (541) 342 8666

Convenience Stores

  • Circle K, 296 East 13th Avenue; (541) 683-1922
  • Dari-Mart
    • 3425 Hilyard Street; (541) 485-7915
    • 333 Coburg Road; (541) 485-2584
    • 1645 Coburg Road; (541) 484-6309
    • 2920 West 11th Avenue; (541) 687-2807
    • 3225 Donald Street; (541) 345-1113
  • 7-Eleven
    • 2895 Willamette Street; (541) 484-0247
    • 590 East Broadway; (541) 343-5465
    • 1898 Franklin Boulevard; (541) 343-1354
    • 1316 Alder Street; (541) 485-5694
    • 445 Coburg Road; (541) 683-4711
    • 588 West 7th Avenue; (541) 485-0664


  • University of Oregon Bookstore, 895 East 13th Avenue; (541) 346-4331
  • The Book Mark, 856 Olive Street; (541) 484-0512
  • Smith Family Bookstore
    • 768 East 13th Avenue; (541) 345-1651
    • 525 Willamette Street; (541) 343-4717

Community Services

  • AAA, 983 Willagillespie Road; (541) 485-0661
  • Convention and Visitors Association of Lane County, 115 West 8th Avenue, Suite 190; (541) 484-5307
  • University of Oregon Knight Library, 1501 Kincaid Street; (541) 346-3056
  • University of Oregon Map Library, University of Oregon Library; (541) 346-3051
  • Eugene City Library, 100 West 13th Avenue; (541) 682-5450

Bike Maps

  • Blue Heron Bicycles, 877 East 13th Avenue; (541) 343-2488
  • Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life
    • 2480 Alder Street; (541) 342-6155
    • 152 West 5th Avenue; (541) 344-4105



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