Tanzania – Don’t go local

How did you get there: Fly
How did you get around: Other public Transport
The local people wanted: your money/passport
Surroundings: Like living at a garbage dump

Top Local Attractions: Serengetti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Victoria, Zanzibar. The tourist places of this country are excellent. They are clean and you can expect a level of kindness not found outside of these areas.

Best places to eat and drink: Tourist or Expat places. Food and Drink are pricey but worth it to be left alone.

Best places to stay: Kisolanza Farm or Fox Farm.

Wish you knew: Music is bad. People are greedy and think that you owe them something. Customer service is non-existent and quality of food is poor.

Recommendations: I would recommend safari tours to people who want to see the country. Make sure the tour company covers more than just one area. If you are backpacking the environment is beautiful but dealing with Tanzanians is frustrating and you find yourself without your things if you stay in one place long enough.

Comments: I spent two years in Tanzania and found every month harder than the next. I was robbed several times and every day I was asked for money by at least 4 people. There is a mix of poverty/corruption, tribal/western cultures and they do not make a good stew.

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